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Anthony P.
Very compact and light weight.

I have not been able to use this product yet but will shortly.

The material seems a bit thin but seems like it will last.
Having This as a back up is a must !!

It’s a good size I fit in it very well with lots of room. I’m 5’10’ 195lbs and I’m very comfortable in it and it hold body heat very well.

Adrian D.
Everyone should have two of these.

It is compact, light weight and very functional. I bought two and am SO glad. I keep one at home. The other gods with me everywhere in my purse. I don't have to worry. If my car breaks down or my furnace does then I can keep warm. A nice envelope to slip into which sends 90% of my body heat back to me. It is a great investment for my safety at an inexpensive price. I think I have figured out a Christmas gift for some who are hard to buy for. Don't get one, get two.😸

Lester H.
A Nessecity

Living in Michigan the winters are horrible and we are known for falling off side of the road. Well that can be dangerous so I keep my BluCamp Survival Bag on me all the time so in case I fall off the road I can live till help comes and with it being water proof you can't beat it if you get lost it can cold water in and keep it out. To the busy city goer to the extreme survivalists I recommend this bag all the way

Damiel S.
Truly Compact!

I've had various sleeping bags over the years, and getting them rolled up tightly enough to fit into their bags has always been a problem. So, it came as a pleasant surprise after taking mine out to inspect, that I really could fold and roll it back up so that it fit easily into its storage bag.

I have not had occasion to use it yet, but even though the material is thin, it seems sturdy enough for multiple uses. We will carry two of these in our vehicle's winter kit in case my wife & I get stranded away from home.

Melody E.
very small and light weight! :O

while i don't mean to give you a false rating... i'm assuming the ratings on "water resistance and durability"... it would not be fair for me to give a zero rating on those, just because i don't know yet... i bought this for my brother who camps often in unreliable locations... often floods in the middle of the night, during a downpour LOL!!! however, i'm VERY impressed how tight the stitching is and how tiny and lightweight it really is... trust me, if this product fails in the 1st few nights it gets used, i'll add an update here... i hope this helps ;)

Nikko M.
Great Complement to my Emergency Prep

I purchased this product to round out my Get-Home bag, which doubles as an emergency kit for my Jeep. I was surprised how lightweight and compact this product is. After having read many reviews - both positive and negative - I decided to remove the bag from its pouch. While the material is very thin, I expected it to be more so, making it likely to be a one-time, disposable bag. Instead, if treated properly, should last for several uses - should anyone experience the misfortune of finding themselves in an emergency situation more than once...
Being nearly 6’ and 230 lbs, I wanted to make sure the bag could accommodate me so I opened it up, stepped into it and pulled it up over my head. Very quickly, I noticed it’s heat-retaining qualities. It seems entirely capable of performing as advertised, tho laying on my living room floor is far different from huddling under a makeshift shelter on a temperature-plummeting night; I hope I’ll never need to put this product to the test. Keep in mind this product is wind and waterproof, meaning it is a moisture barrier inside AND out. As the directions state, condensation will occur inside the bag if you don’t allow for occasional ventilation. It’s like being in a giant trash bag. Use common sense and one can stay warm and dry for the extent of its need.

Michael F.

This was a great edition to our 12 year olds survival pack. He is interested in wilderness survival so we created a whole kit for him for his birthday.

He was able to open, try out and put it back (with a little help) for future use. He said it was super warm inside. I hope he never actually uses it, but I'm glad he has it!

Brian F.
This thing is awesome! Takes up no room

This thing is awesome! Takes up no room. It’s in my get home bag. I work in Seattle and live 60 miles away. If an earthquake hits and our already sh*t highways shut down I’m screwed.

On another note, I have to laugh a little at another guys review. He said he had the use it because he was caught without daylight in the mountains and was force to camp. He then said temps got down to 40s. He survived but said bag ripped and he could not re-use. Dude you’re alive! Buy another one. It did it’s job.

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BluCamp Emergency Waterproof Outdoors Sleeping Bag | Lightweight Thermal Nylon Survival Sack