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Jessa B.
Soft bristles feel good on gums.

My 14 month old LO loves this thing! It is his favorite part of our bedtime routine! I handed it to him to play with, and it went straight into his mouth... the soft bristles feel good on his gums! He does a good job getting all of his teeth, and his gums where they are coming in! After reading the other reviews, about the bristles coming off I will keep a close eye... but so far no issues with that, we only use it 3 times a day after breakfast lunch and dinner for about 5 min each time, closely monitored! Great product for learning a routine! We Love our banana!

Roselyn R.
Infant/toddler banana toothbrush/teether

Two of my daughters now have these to brush my grandson’s mouth and now teeth. One is 10 months and the other is 8 months. It’s a Great way to introduce them to getting used to daily brushing and they’re able to hold onto it themselves too. I highly recommend this product as my eldest daughter used this for her son so I bought one for my other daughter to use for her lil one.

Jeanne K.
Baby toothbrush aka parent sanity tool

Don't ask me why, but this baby banana toothbrush thing is a big hit. Our daughter, who is pre-toothing, obviously has sensitive gums and loves using this. The first time we broke it out, she was in the midst of an infant 'mouth in pain' crying meltdown. She loved it and we loved being able to hear ourselves think for a few moments. We both stood there in amazement like 'Ok, guess this one works'. Now, we pretend like she's brushing her teeth and it's part of some elaborate mastermind baby toothbrush training tool regimen. But the truth is that, for whatever reason, it makes her gums feel better and buys us a few moments of sanity-saving peace. Bought another just as a backup.

Patricia B.
Best starting toothbrush.

My little had her first teeth at 5 months and this banana shape toothbrush was our first option, the body it's super soft and the brush too. Its small but perfect for a baby ill say 1 year or less.
My little lone loves it and we bought another one as a gift.

Nariz S.
My baby's favorite teether. It is so easy for him to ...

My baby's favorite teether. It is so easy for him to hold, it's light and it's got "banana handles". Fits his mouth well compared to his other ones. My only complaint is the material it's made out of. Tiny tiny dirt looking stuff off the couch, etc, gets stuck on it and it's so hard to get it off because the rubber material is "sticky"!

Kyla J.
Great product

Our 8 month old daughter LOVES this. By far her best teethed and is great to use to “brush” her gums to keep her desensitized to having me put something in her mouth. Small hairs/fuzz do get trapped in between the bristles pretty easy since material seems to stick to silicone but it does wash off easily. Would recommend this product to anyone with an infant/toddler.

Keanu D.
Perfect teether and beginning toothbrush!

This is my daughters FAVORITE teether! She loves it so much that she even sleeps with it at night... We brushed her teeth with it when she was really little, but now she just chews on it for teething relief.
It is soft, strong, and easy to clean. The multiple shapes and areas are perfect for little hands to hold, and little mouths to chew on.
She was able to pick off some of the bristles with her fingernails, but she had had that banana for several months. I bought a new one, and it has held up perfectly for the last 3 months.
This is definitely going to be a go-to for any future babies we have!

Krista M.

I bought this after my daughter's first year doctor appointment when the doctor asked if we were brushing her (8) teeth and naturally I said "No. Aren't all of her baby teeth going to fall out anyway?" She politely told me that it was good to get in the habit of brushing so it wouldn't potentially be a chore later. So I went on to Amazon and saw all the great reviews of this and bought it and my daughter absolutely LOVES "brushing" her teeth at night before bed. She hasn't really been into teething/chew toys and only briefly partook in using a pacifier, so I was worried she may not be into using this. But she really enjoys the way it feels on her teeth and gums and it's fun for her (after all, she gets to see how much fun mommy and daddy have brushing their teeth). As silly as this banana toothbrush appears, it does the trick!

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