Earn 20% commission on all orders

We want to pay you to help us save the planet. The Ooala Affiliate program offers everyone the opportunity to earn 20% commissions on orders by sharing the products they love with their friends, family, and followers. It’s hard to figure out which brands are environmentally friendly. On Ooala, you can rest easy knowing that every single purchase has zero environmental impact. Stop promoting products that hurt the environment. Help us spread the word and save our planet. Click here to get started

Everyone is eligible. Why? Because there’s no time to waste. Our planet needs change now. We don’t have any requirement for the number of followers, subscribers, traffic, or anything else. Every voice matters. Help us spread the word. Click here to get started

It’s easy. Just create your account, create a link, refer people, and earn. Click here to learn more & get started.

Typical affiliate commissions from websites such as Amazon or Walmart range from 2-5% of the total cart value at checkout. This amount varies based on the category the item is in, and in some cases goes as low as 2% because these companies are so focused on making a large profit. Our focus is saving the planet, not making a profit. Ooala pays out 20% of the total cart value at checkout for all affiliate orders, regardless of the item’s category. Why? Because our mission is to save the planet, and we know that the more we give you the more you’ll be able to help spread the word about Ooala. Click here to get started

Absolutely not. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn through The Ooala Affiliate Program. Click here to get started

We process all affiliate payments in cash using PayPal. In order to receive your commissions, you must have an active PayPal account connected to your Ooala Affiliate Dashboard. Click here to log in to your Ooala Affiliate Dashboard. Not a member of the affiliate program yet? Click here to get started

You can create custom links that track the customers you send to our site through your Ooala Affiliate Dashboard. Click here to open the affiliate dashboard. Any purchase made within 30 days of the customer clicking that link (on any item, not just the item your link sent them to) will earn you a 20% commission.

Affiliate payouts are made after an order has been processed and shipped. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for the order to process. If it is past this point and you still haven’t received your payout, contact us at support@ooala.com so that our team can help.