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Adrian C.
Helping me keep moving after foot surgery

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE makes it easy right out of the box. They include a pump to take the ball up to the tension that's right for you. If deflated, both ball and pump would travel well. I plan to take it with me on an upcoming trip. The ball has good grip and the material doesn't smell funny which is often the case with rubber. I had foot surgery and there are many stretches and exercises that I could do with the ball to keep myself in shape while unable to walk. When icing my leg behind my knee I use the ball like a foot stool to elevate my foot. I drap my leg over the ball. OK... I never thought I'd be rolling it into my office to sit on it while working. Basically I keep finding ways to use DYNAPRO Exercise Ball to help me stay strong, stretch, rehab my foot and sit at my desk to work more comfortably! It feels great to move while my foot heals. It's a very well made exercise ball.I'm 5'6" and about 123 pounds. I ordered the 55 but the 65 ended up being best size for me. Get one and have fun!

Ivan R.
Good quality, professional grade and customer service backed product

I like the fact that DYNAPRO customer service backs their product. That was the one feature that stood out when I was reading reviews about the exercise ball. You never know if you will need to use customer service, but if a seller does not back their product, I am not buying their product period. I could tell from the moment I took the ball out of the box that it was good quality. I am going to use my ball for back exercises I received from my physical therapist. He thought it was a wonderful idea to buy a ball and use it at home.

Jamie R.
Solid value

While I personally am not a fan of companies pressing customers for reviews (it would seem to reflect a potentially dishonest bias), this ball has been very helpful in my daily life - from Stuart McGill's "Stirring the pot" exercise for back strength to Swiss Ball Core Workout by Declan Condron, I am finding it of singular value. I do wish, however, that it was a little easier to inflate properly: When I try to pump all the air indicated necessary in, it leaks so much every time I've not been able to get it to full capacity but I still use it even so.

Ritch A.
Good product, poor packaging

Packaging was horrible. I was highly concerned the product would be damaged when I first saw the package on the porch. Upon opening the package the product was as expected and intact. We ordered the 55inch ball. It took about 6 minutes for my teen to inflate manually with the hand pump. You will need good shoulders. With the ball infated completely, it is a strong sturdy rubber. Using it for gentle physical therapy on her knee. I assume it will hold up well. Feels very strong. Extra plugs and plug remover came with the package. 4 stars due to the poor packing.

Melody P.
Nice ball. Easy to inflate.

I am going through physical therapy for a labral tear in my hip and needed an exercise ball to do my assigned PT home work. This ball was priced nicely and I liked the choice of colors. Having a fun pink ball that looks like a bubble gum bubble makes PT exercise a bit more fun! I was worried about inflating the ball. I’m a tiny thing and don’t have the best upper body strength, but the provided hand pump worked great and filled up the ball much faster than I had expected it would. The ball workes nicely for my proscribed exercises. Also, I love how it comes with extra air plugs in case you lose one. I really do enjoy this ball.

Alfred W.
This is fantastic. I purchased two exercise balls

This is fantastic. I purchased two exercise balls. One I am sitting on right now as I type this review. It is my new office chair. I absolutely love it. Sitting in a regular desk chair for the amount of hours that I do, I could tell that it was not good for my body. I had heard about using exercise balls as desk chairs and then I remembered when my granddaughter was in grammar school there was a class that had these for their chairs. That was a very smart teacher to incorporate something like this. I love being able to move around easily even when I am sitting. And I've read that periodically bouncing up and down is great for helping the creativity flow. Oh, my second exercise ball is to use for...exercise...imagine that.

Peter R.
Perfect multi use ball

I had to return the 55cm for a 65cm as I was planning on using it as an office chair. As others have stated in their reviews, be sure to give the ball 24hours to expand and then pump it again for it to reach its proper size. The ball is great! You can tell that it is quality material and it has not deflated since I started using it daily a week ago.

Alfred M.
Quality Product/Excellent Customer Service

We received the exercise ball and started to inflate it as per the instructions. The hand pump initially did well but as the ball inflated it did not function. I contacted DynaPro via their Facebook link. In a few hours I received a message back apologizing for the defective pump and after getting my address they shipped a new pump which we received promptly.
The product is well made but their customer service is excellent.

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HealthyLifestyle Exercise Ball for Yoga, Fitness, Balance Stability, Extra Thick | 85cm