HealthBuff USB Rechargeable Bike Light, Waterproof Safety Flashlight for Bicycles, 300 Lumens

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James E.
enough light in the dark, to ride it to your destination safely.

Excellent product, it will give you enough light in the dark, to ride it to your destination safely, I felt (12MPH) was the safest speed I could go in dark peach forest road, that I wasn't familiar with. It gives more of wider beam pattern, so it's not much throw to it, my be 30 feet ahead give or take. as far as visibility, no issues at all, people will be able to see you from miles away.

Roland R.
I really recommend this light!

All I can say about this light is that it literally exceeded my expectations.So far I have not yet encountered any problem with it, it works perfectly. I do not ride when it's raining so I can't say how effective the water proofing is.I have an AERO bike and it fits the handlebar however, it is a little bit tight to get it in but once it does, the light is secure.I will soon add pictures of it and if possible a small video of it.

Mark H.
Brightness is safety!

This is my 3rd bike light. I’ve bought one for my wife and have a second one for myself to use during 24 hour rides. I use this light during the day time on flash mode to provide an extra level of safety on the highway. Cars quickly see you with the brightness it offers during the day and with all the distracted drivers, we need every advantage we can get. Highly recommend!!!! Don’t sacrifice your safety for cheap lights. Your life is not worth it.

Sede T.
Bright Enough. Good Value

I saw lighting options up to 1200 lumens, but 300 is bright enough unless you're breaking downhill speed records in pitch black. I ride when it's dark and just fine. You'll need to tighten it to the frame adequately to stay in place over rough terrain, but it'll hold. I ride an hour at a time at the first brightness setting and I get maybe 4 or 5 rides on a charge.

Aurora S.
Great entry level bike light

Good bright light, installed fine and appears to be good quality, better than many off brand cheapo bike lights I've come across. I got a good price so very good value, I recommend it. I think this light plus one for a bike helmet will be enough for nighttime mountain bike rides as long as I'm not doing anything extreme. While this is bright enough, I would not recommend going any lower end than this - I consider this light on the entry level range for safe night riding. If this thing had more battery life for same brightness it would be awesome. Oh, and the modes all worked fine, button seems like it will last, and not hard to charge.

James M.
Hi-Tech tactical flashlight

I bought the HealthBuff some time ago, which is still kicking strong, working like it did brand new. My elder neighbor saw my flashlight and wanted one. I don’t ride bike much at night anymore, or need for day, so we mostly use this as a hand held flashlight, which due to its high functionality- and compact, I think it’s better than most tactical selling lights. Makes an awesome gift! Treat yourself.

Ryan A.
Last longer

I always buy 2 lights the first time to test the life of the device. I wanted more light thinking that would be better. At 6 AM I use all lights on blinking mode. You might be asking why so many lights? Each time I am hit by a truck or car, I get 2 more lights. I live in Louisiana where bikes are considered toys to be used off the streets.

Cynthia W.
Great for day and night riding!

This light is really nice! It is plenty bright with three modes. The mount is solid. I really like the flash over steady beam for daytime rain/overcast weather as well!!

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HealthBuff USB Rechargeable Bike Light, Waterproof Safety Flashlight for Bicycles, 300 Lumens