Kiditrends Nappy Backpack Large Capacity Stroller Bag Multi-function Waterproof Travel Diaper Bags

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Art W.

Baby and I are flying soon and I wanted a diaper backpack that would make traveling alone with a 13 week old easy. After a lot of online shopping I settled on this one.

Material is perfect inside and out. I haven’t seen any flaws. It does not feel cheap- pretty sturdy actually. Zippers are strong.. still getting the hang of opening it one handed after a week, but haven’t mastered it yet.

It fits SO MUCH! I was confused about the pockets on inside and the zipper compartment on back. That’s the genius part! I keep diapers on their side for easy access. Then, the pockets are sewn in the middle on the interior of the bag, so the diapers aren’t in the way of the pockets. It also has room on top of the pockets for more items.

Marivic L.
Good quality and spacious

This is a quality bag for a very reasonable price. I’ve been using for around 3 months and it shows no wear. It has a large middle compartment so accommodates a variety of items, but has four good size stretch pockets around the interior to better organize things. I love that it’s tall enough to fit a full sheet of paper, so I can carry paperwork and coloring books. I love that it’s not heavy and not so big that it takes up a whole cart or seat, but spacious enough. I carry three kids worth of items just fine. The two side pockets are not very stretchy, can barely accommodate something the diameter of a pint jar, but they hold onto things well. Wouldn’t fit a large Nalgene or something that size.

Toni B.
I love the fact that this is a diaper bag made ...

Alright. This has. So. Much. Space! I love the fact that this is a diaper bag made to look like a backpack, since my husband and I are not bag people, and hate carrying around extra things. But this bag smooths the process of packing for an outing, plus it’s extreeeemely comfortable, lightweight and not bulky at all. I love that I can just throw whatever I need in there and everything has its place.

Princess Q.
Love this bag

Love this bag. I needed a big enough bag I could take as a carry-on and still be light enough to manage with a toddler. This bag was perfect.

I was able to fit 2, 11oz. bottles of milk and 1, 9oz bottle of milk in the front pocket. It got a little cramped but the bag was flexible enough where the zipper didn't tear.

In the side pockets, I was able to fit a full size wipes refill and travel size tissues.

Now, the best part the actual inside of the bag. I was able to fit 8 size 5 diapers, a baby towel, 1 toddler size jeans, 2 toddler shorts, 1 set of toddler pajamas, 3 toddler size tshirts, 1 pair of adult leggings, 1 adult size tunic, 75 colored pencils, 100page coloring book and 25 page sketch pad. I was also able to throw in a gallon freezer bag full of toddler snacks and also a 24oz bottle of milk in the inside side pocket. I had a few smaller items like wash clothes in there as well.

I was still able to get the top closed and the best part, I didn't have to keep opening the top to get the diapers at the bottom. I just opened the back pocket. I love this bag.

Sede T.
Good bag

Overall a great diaper bag! I wish it was a little bit bigger, but that’s my personal preference. I can fit diapers, change of clothes, snacks, bottles, and toiletries for a infant and toddler. It is strong and durable. I would buy again.

Diane W.
A great diaper bag- I get lots of compliments on it!

Overall, this is a nice diaper bag. I insisted on a backpack diaper bag as I'm having my second kid and definitely want a hands-free option to carry everything. It's pretty sturdy and the straps are long enough that my husband or I can wear it. I can fit a lot in it- a few changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc- basically, everything you'd expect for a standard diaper bag. My only major complaint is that the zipper on top can be a pain to shut and I can't ever really do it one-handed. Not really a big deal or a deal breaker for a bag, but it's a bit frustrating. The only other thing is that the side pocket is not solid against the side- so sticking a bottle in it is great, but shouldn't really be used for small things that can fall out.

Marian D.
Love it!!

I just had my first kid almost three months ago. I love this diaper bag so much. The zipper in the back that allows easy access to the diapers is really amazing. So I usually separate my stuff in the bag as my diapers on the bottom, then I have a stack of receiving blankets that I can also access from that back zipper, and then I put everything else on top. The pockets inside are huge and stretchy and I feel like I could fit anything in them. The front pocket has three thermal pouches you can use to put bottles in, but since I’m breastfeeding and I have a separate cooler, I don’t use them much. But there are a lot of little pockets all over the place so you can carry all sorts of stuff- I carried ample menstrual pads and nursing pads with me that first month when it felt like I had fluid coming out all the time haha. Would highly recommend for all baby mammas!

Jolie L.
So much available space for a great price

This diaper bag is perfect.
I don't know what I was expecting when I ordered it, mostly because I've never had a kid before, so I didn't know how much space I'd need for things on the go, but I'm pleasantly surprised by this product! The space inside much more than I could've asked for, and the pocket in the back to reach things easily is a huge plus. There are 4 other pockets on the inside of the bag itself, large enough for cell phone, keys, tablet, wallet...etc and for me, I love it because it means I won't have to lug my purse around on top of everything else. The bag and zippers are sturdy, and the insulated front for baby bottles is an awesome feature, especially for road trips.

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