Potcity Baby Potty Training Toilet Seat with Adjustable Ladder

Color: Pink


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Levi L.
Satisfied Customer

Sturdy, comfortable, stable and fits our oblong and round toilets. It can also fold and be stowed away from toilet while being light and easy enough for our 3 year old to set it up before he goes.

Karla G.
Very convenient and strong structure.

This color is a natural color for both girls and boys. That’s the reason why I picked this color. I have a boy that’s currently being trained for potty time and this product is a big help for me. The step is helping him getting on our toilet much easier. Without this, I would have to carry him up. I don’t mind at all but this step stool can help me avoid carrying him up. The installation took a few minutes and everything were provided to kick it a little faster. Washing this isn’t a big deal either. I put it in my bathtub and spray it and let it sit to dry. The structure is very strong and I think it will last me a couple of years until my baby girl is ready for potty train. I then use it again. That’s pretty much why I want to spend the money to get the right thing for them. While other products are little cheaper but inconvenient in some ways. With this, I think it serves me very well and I

Alyanna S.
Having so much more potty training success with this...

Perfect seat for potty training. Very sturdy my 14 month old really likes using it it's easy for her to get up on here even as tiny as she is. Originally I had bought a potty but she just won't use it but has shown a lot of interest in the actual toilet... This was the perfect solution she's already going and getting on it by herself to go to the washroom. It's very easy to clean the seat pad comes right off. It was really simple for me to set it up by myself.

Carol D.
durable and compact. doesn't take up a lot of spaces.

It got the pink one and it's very cute. When it is folded, it doesn’t take up a lot of the space. in fact, when I receive the product, I was surprised how small it is. it's a good addition for my kiddo who is trying to do potty training. A good buy.

Krisha G.
Pretty good potty training seat and good for smaller potty trained kids.

Great for potty training and smaller kids that are already potty trained. Sturdy plastic, easy to assemble and clean. Folds up for storage when not in use and has adjustable feet to fit several different toilet heights. Side handles and step make it easy for kids to climb and turn around on their own. It has nice non-slip pads that sit on the toilet for additional security. Looking forward to not having to empty and clean the other potty chair as often!

Aira C.
If you’re potty training GET THIS

Seriously. I bought tiny potties, several different seats and other crap to try and get my kid interested. Bought this and I’ve never looked back. He loves this thing. He loves that he can set it up on the toilet and use it all by himself. I love that he doesn’t pee on my floor anymore. Win. Win.

Virginia L.
Easy to use

This is really a good potty with ladder. Very easy to install. Here is the tip. You need to use two quarter coins and use them at the same time on each side to tighten the screw. There's no extra tools to help. The product looks very nice and my son tried it right after we set it up. He said it was very comfortable when sitting on. Now we can get rid of his little potty and don't need to clean his poo poo every time. He himself can flush easily.

Ernest J.
Great potty seat for our boy

This potty seat has been great. Our toddler just turned 2 and is super skinny. This chair makes him feel more secure on the potty, so he doesn't feel like he's going to fall in. It fits over our toilet well and is fairly sturdy (when he tries to climb on one handed with his tablet, sometimes it wobbles...he gets his tablet if he's trying to go poop).
I love the splash guard on the front, it catches MOST of the spray, but not always (haven't figured out how to teach him to point it down yet).

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