Povami Pig Plush Squeaker Toys for Dogs & Cats

Color: Pink


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Krisha G.
Puppy loved it! Carried it around everywhere.

My lab pit mix loved this pig! He would carry it around everywhere and it was the only toy I would allow in his crate with him. (He usually rips up any toy he’s left alone with, but not this one!) he eventually ripped it open and still played with it for awhile without the squeaker inside. Buying again! I recommend latex toys they last way longer with my pup!

Alyanna S.
Great toy - durable - must have

Squeaker holding up great. Quickly became a new favorite. 1 month in and it's still holding up well.

Aira C.
Our pup loves these.

Tough and hold up to chewing. Good squeak and fun to play with. He takes them outside and leaves them in the snow overnight, brings them back in, and they wash up well and still squeak.

Levi L.
Fun toys for small dogs

My dog loves these so much that they are her go to toy. She even brings one to bed.
All I need to do is say “where’s squeaky” and she comes back with one. They’re pliable, noises, small enough for her mouth, and fun for us both to play with.

Carol D.
My dog LOVED this

Great - can't be chewed into pieces like our other toys. Squeaker comes loose but can be put back. My dog still liked it even after the "grunt" didn't work and couldn't choke on pieces like with other less durable toys.

Aaron B.
good toy for the dog

not really heavy duty a bigger dog might chew them up quickly but my 12 lbs dog seems to just chew on them with out putting holes in them ... I like that they are similar to a ball and roll and have a good squeaker. The dog seemed to like them and played with them. I thought maybe they might be weighed and stand back up but they are just like a ball .

Paolo G.
Chiwava The Best!

My Furry Friend and I Love, Love these little critters, he just is in his Glory when he receives these kinds of toys!

Allan W.
Super squeeky toy

My chorky loves these toys and the 2 squeekers are a plus.Still in one piece after a month 😁

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