Dutch LED HD Projector U20 Large Screen 1080P Projector Built-in HiFi Speaker



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George R.
Great Projector for the Price

Great mini projector!! This projector is what I am looking for. The built quality of this projector is very good. You can connect it to your laptop via the HDMI cable. It also has a remote control so that you don’t always have to go near the projector. I am Really impressed by this, Video quality is amazing, Sound is beyond my expectation. It can connect to external speaker as well.

Cory D.
Good mini projector!

The quality of picture is better than I expected! I like the projector! The price is also affordable. I could see it is definitely worth the price for me. I would like to use it to watch movie! It is great! Even in the day time, it is still very clear! The projector also has remove control, it is very easy to use! It is small, I also could take it to my friends’ home for party! I recommend!

Erick S.
Really mini projector

Mini projector is great for party at home. Since it’s summer now I am having movie nights with family n friends. My current tv is a bit for family gather so I decided to buy a mini projector where I can have huge screen. Overall the item is really easy to use plug everything n turn on the project and start watching. The projector is really mini size of an iPad! The remote control was extremely easy to understand and use. We hooked up my iPhone, iPad, n mini iPad everything works fine. I am really glad with this project. I can store the projector away when I am done with it.

Colbert S.
Very good for the price

Easy to use. The remote is very convenient. The picture quality is good enough, very bright and clear. My daughter likes it very much. She keeps asking to use the "new big tv" to watch Peppa Pig all the time. You must adjust both focus and keystone to get best picture quality, especially for the edge area. I found that if the keystone tilt too much, it will be difficult to get both the center and edge area well focused, so I usually keep the projecter as flat as possible possible to get best performance. It is not a fancy one, but good enough as a budgt choice.

Art W.
Excellent Quality Projector

We have this projector connected to our computer so we can watch movies on a big, flat screen against the wall. The video and sound quality are excellent, the 1080p HD video quality also. It's easy to use, and the remote control is also handy and easy to use. We should have lots of good use ahead watching movies through the projector. Glad we made this purchase.

Dave L.
Exceeded my expectations!

First off, this is my second projector , so I compare it to other one. I'm really impressed by the quality. The picture has been greatly improved. It looks great just on the wall, but it works better on the projector screen. I plan to use it outside for watching sports, but haven't tried that yet. Sound quality is pretty good too. I turned the surround sound on in the menu and it works great for watching movie. Great product for a great price.

Gabriel R.
Kids are loving it!

We wanted something compact for kids movie nights and this is perfect! Setup and operation are pretty simple, and it's good quality too. We didn't want to spend too much money (and have the kids break it...), and this was a great value for the money.

Jayson T.
Great quality picture!

Needed a projector for my sons movie theme birthday party and opted to try this particular one. I gotta say that I made the right choice! The quality of the movie being projected was AMAZING! The kids really enjoyed watching a movie while swimming. FYI: projector screen was bought separately. Definitely recommend buying this product from this seller. Item was as described and was shipped fast. Loved this projector, especially the price!

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