Bikeonus Mountain Bike Wheel Rim Spoke Reflector

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Adrian C.
A must have for all bike riders!

My husband installed these on his bike, and he had the whole house to come see how sharp they looked on his bike. I love the added safety! I worried about him riding early mornings but no more- they are very bright and can be seen from a distance. Even though he didn’t say this to me, I realized he was thinking the same thing when I went outside the next day and saw that he had attached the red ones to the back of my power chair. I cannot express the worry and stress these lights have removed from our lives. I recommend these to everyone who rides along a public road or even on a bike trail. This is the most valuable accessory he is purchased for his bicycle and I’m so thankful for them. They installed easily, no tools were even needed, and they came with extra batteries! Do not wonder- buy these for yourself and the people you care about!

Ivan R.
Check your spoke size, grab your pliers!

Before you order these make sure you have 12g or higher spokes. These are difficult by hand to place but use pliers and be careful not to put too much pressure on the spoke. Grip it towards the end of the reflector with the opening on the spoke and apply pressure then gently rotate towards the center or the spoke, apply pressure with your hand and reposition the pliers and slowly go the length of the reflector until it snaps on then position it where you want on the spoke. Centrifugal force will eventually push them away from the hub.

Daniel G.
These will save your life. Get them.

Super easy to apply. I heard others had a hard time, so I tried it on a friend's bike. No problem there for me but my friend had a hard time. Our solution was wrapping pliers with the layers of duct tape to avoid damaging the product and using them to apply them. Worked like a charm. I should also note that they are REALLY BRIGHT when hot with any, and I mean Any, light. I am completely satisfied.

Alfred M.
Cheap, cute & time consuming.

Took me about 2-3 hours to install these on my Bicycle. I have super long nails, so I was able to slide my nail between the slits and lay them on the spokes that way. They thicker and snugger than I was expecting and I’m happy for that! They are cheap and made my bike look a lot better! Exactly what I wanted. I had only 1 leftover so make sure if you have to cut them to fit, you don’t mess too many up because I used every single one I got and only had 1 spare in case of any mess ups.

Peter R.
Not too Shabby...

There is definitely a technique to installing, but I was able to get the covers cut to length and installed on my CRF150RB and the rear wheel of my CRF450R in about two hrs....that’s including the time to figure out best way to install. Pretty easy once you get the technique one end slightly and put over spoke, then hold with you thumb/finger and start sliding it down towards the wheels hub while you thumb guides the cover onto the spoke. Quality is as expected and color matches well to OEM Honda red. We will see how they hold up to some MX tracks/ trails...prob good not to hit them hard with pressure washer either when washing bike...but we will see!

Jerwin L.
These are awesome! Great reflection!

These are awesome! Such a great idea! my kids ride their bikes to school, and I like that I can have reflectors on the spokes. Just another way for them to be seen easier. I purchased 1 set and put on 2 bikes about every other spoke. They are a little tricky to get on but doable. Has great reflection! I would recommend!

Joseph O.
Great visibility and easy to install

I bought these reflective spoke sticks for my bicycle and they are absolutely great! They are highly visible and more beautiful way to make yourself visible in traffic. Especially when the wheels are rotating the lighting looks fantastic. I will get these to my mountain bike as well. I highly recommend these to anyone who is worried about visibility while cycling.

Ludwig H.
Be safer at night!

I see others have said these do not fit their spokes tightly enough, slip around, rattle, etc. But I've had none of those problems on my recumbent trike. They are a perfect and tight snap on fit, easy to install, and look sharp both night and day. I sit low on the trike, and when I have to cross intersections it's important car drivers know I'm there. I can tell by drivers' actions that I am now SEEN from the side, and I've noticed folks staring at me and even commenting on the reflective wheels. I feel much safer now with summertime night riding..

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