Vafair Adjustable Agility Footwork Exercise Training Ladder │7M-13 Rung



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Travis B.
The agility ladder you should buy

This product exceeded expectations for the cost. I've seen a lot of very flimsy agility ladders, but this is not one of them. It folds up nicely, never gets tangled, has a great storage pouch and the rungs are heavy-duty enough that it doesn’t get messed up when you step on them. I’ve used it 3 times with a group of 7 people and it's been awesome every time. I highly recommend zero complaints. I can’t imagine how a more expensive ladder could be better.

Steve L.
Worth the price if a regular user

I use these frequently for agility sessions for all age groups. They are much easier to set up and put away than the cheaper option and if a player catches the ladder it doesn't need to be straightened out as it keeps the shape pretty well. I have also found it to be more durable than the cheaper options. If it is something you are using regularly then worth paying for it.

Lance S.

Pretty awesome! You can use it elevated or flat. It also comes with a carrying bag so you can literally just take it to a park or where ever! Easy to put together and take apart as well. You can also customize the type of workout you want to do by snapping in all the slats or just use one or two for bigger jumps.

Mike S.
Great Ladder. We use indoor and out for softball

Great Ladder. We use indoor and out for softball conditioning. Note to those complaining they got 'twisted' ones: if the ladder gets folded in transit it will have a 'twisted' line. Just fold the ladder portion into itself where this occurs and you can fix it yourself. It’s not quality control or defect in manufacturing....

Kelly H.
Perfect length for at-home use

My 15-year old loves this! He asked for an agility ladder to use in the garage during the cold months for a part of his soccer training. It's not as long as the ones he uses with his team, but it's perfect for at-home use.

Ashton B.
Kicking my sons butt :)

We now own 2 of these ladders and I get to use them to kick my sons' butt. My son is a national level baseball player in middle school and we have been using the ladder for offseason and in-season conditioning and agility improvement for several years now. Decent construction. Low profile. Small and not super long like other brands so easier to set up, take down, and store.

Melody E.

Fantastic. Exactly what I expected. I use this with my daughter to work on speed exercises. A great way for us to bond and have some fun while getting in some exercise. Folds up and stores easily in the bag.

Gregory D.
good product.

Great agility ladder. I'm a personal trainer, I use this for several of my clients to get a little feet coordination. works great. sometimes it can get a little tangled but does come with a nice carrying bag.

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Vafair Adjustable Agility Footwork Exercise Training Ladder │7M-13 Rung