BodyCircuit Push-Up Bar Handles | Non-Slip, Sturdy and Detachable

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Kevin R.
Adds new dynamic to an old exercise

After having it for 10 months and thousands of pushups, over time not boasting lol, I can say it’s a great product. The plastic material made me question the quality and if it can support my weight but it can do it. I can do lower pushups, breaking the plain better (for you military people), and I can do more quality pushups. Highly recommended.

Ryan A.
Anyone who does push-ups needs these

I've been doing daily push-ups for years. I started noticing that I would wake up in the mornings with a lack of good circulation to my hands. This obviously worried me and I sought out the advice of my massage/physical therapist.

Without me even telling her that I do daily push-ups she immediately asked me if I use push-up bars when I exercise. I said no. She told me that is the answer to my problems.

Apparently, when a lot of people do regular push-ups they don't work their back muscles enough. I was stopping midway without fully extending my trapezius muscles. This was creating a lot of tension and scarring at my outer chest muscles near my shoulders causing the restriction in circulation.

The BodyCircuit barbells force you to do a full extension and within weeks I was sleeping better. Highly recommended.

Jack T.
Great for home yoga workouts!

I have rheumatoid arthritis and must make many modifications during exercise, and one thing I do for planks, especially when there are several Chaturanga 'push-ups in the mix, is to use these push-up bars. It is so much easier on my wrists. The bars have nice padding on them and that really helps too, and they are very sturdy. These were a great addition to my workout equipment!

Steve M.
Saving my wrists

I recently started working out again after having a baby. 9 months of pregnancy and 3-4 months postpartum recovery left me pretty out of shape. When I starting trying to do push-ups (sadly, on my knees), it hurt my wrists so bad I had to stop. With this, I am able to do (some) push-ups without any wrist pain whatsoever. They also allow you to dip lower than you could on the floor. I was concerned about their stability, but after using them I am convinced they will not budge. I am happy with the purchase and highly recommend.

Robert H.
Super Impressed!

Didn't think I needed push-up bars but a friend recommended and so I decided to try these out! These made such a huge difference and I can tell there's less strain on my wrists now when I do pushups! Also, since they are elevated, I get to dip a bit lower making the pushup a bit more difficult which is the push I need. If your workouts call for a good amount of pushups, I definitely recommend these!

Jerico M.
Great for any level

I love these. Because I have a belly, I can do knee push-ups with these and get through a better range without my belly hitting the floor too early. I've worked my way up to doing push-ups without my knees so I'm definitely getting stronger. These are great for any level, as my husband uses these too in our home gym and he is very strong and athletic.

Gian C.S.
Awesome for stability work!

Love using these for stability and core exercises! I used to do exercises on the floor, but having the bars takes a lot of the strain off my wrists! I’ve used these almost every day since I’ve bought them!

Out of the box, these were easy to put together. They’re also super light and pack nicely - if you’re looking to bring these to the gym with you or if you’re traveling, they’ll be easy to pack!

Definitely recommend!

Penelope C.
Must Have for Pushups

I picked these up when I started doing P90x and it was suggested, so I figured why not. I'm also getting older and have an office job, so my wrists are getting worse from sitting at a computer most of the time.

The bars allow my wrists to stay straight, sure is a big difference when you swap back and forth. Very noticeable the strain push-ups put on your wrists, I am very glad I have these.

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BodyCircuit Push-Up Bar Handles | Non-Slip, Sturdy and Detachable