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Leah S.
Awesome Product and customer service.

After shopping around for a kitchen scale, I purchased this Sassy Chai model. It has proven itself durable and reliable for my needs, which are fairly light. I use it once or twice a week for weighing out baking ingredients. It is sleek, lightweight, and cleans up easily. Easy to use. The insert mentioned it was not for commercial use, which ought to be obvious. But for occasional use in the kitchen, it has been perfect. A very good value.
(This is a non-monetized review. I received nothing in exchange for posting this review. This is simply my honest opinion of the product I purchased here on Ooala. Reviews posted in exchange for goods or money skew the entire system of customer reviews, and I am against them.)

Katrina R.
Fantastic kitchen scale

This product is very affordable and has been accurate in all of the tests that I have done. The sleek design and large display make it perfect for me, as I can easily fit it anywhere in my kitchen and see the display without trouble. I'm very pleased with this purchase, and with the warranty I'm not concerned about how it will perform in the coming months.

Kimberly H.
A beautiful, precise, and accurate kitchen scale!

I just recently received this beautiful and most of all easy to use kitchen scale by Sassy Chai! This scale was extremely accurate and precise. When measuring cooking ingredients, I was relieved to know that the digital scale did not become imprecise, meaning bouncing back and forth between decimal points despite the unit changes when shifting to and from grams, ounces, and milliliters. Overall, the scale could also virtually fit anywhere in a kitchen (I.e., kitchen drawer, cabinet, on the counter etc.) In addition, the scale is quite nicely made and I suspect that it will be very durable and last me a long time!

Ryan A.
Scale for puppies

Bought this scale to weigh my litter of puppies. It's fantastic so far. I just put a plate on it, tare the plate, and then set a puppy on it. Works like a charm. Would definitely recommend it. Plus it's very nice looking. Great for the kitchen if that's what you're buying it for.

Wilmer S.

Great. Shows correctly. Beautiful scales. Spurred my vodka!! Day one, scales work, we are healthy!!! Watch messages. If there are no messages in 2 weeks, call the ambulance! Although... Will not help already... Joke!!! Buy from Chinese friends, everything will be fine!!!

James M.
So far so good for the few times I've used it

Got this for some of my DIY products & food recipes, some of which have recipes by weight. I can't swear to its accuracy as I've no other scale to compare it with, but it seems right on judging by the merchandise I bought and then weighed on this scale. It showed some "16 oz" foil bags of herbs and berries as each weighing a little more than 16 oz which makes sense since it included the weights of the bags. It showed a "1 lb" brick of cocoa butter in its very thin plastic wrap as weighing "1.00 lbs" which also makes sense as I can't imagine the very thin wrap as adding noticeably to the weight. It always shows the weight as "0.00 lbs" (or other measurement type) when nothing is on it.
This scale is very easy to use, and conveniently small for easy storage.
The tare feature makes weighing ingredients in bowls or containers a snap. 👍👍
The only negative I've noticed so far is that the LCD screen view is obstructed by any bowl or container that covers the front of the top of the scale. For the price I can't complain.

Julius W.
Great little scale

Had to wait on putting in a review as I didn't use it right away. So at first I got that error message when I put in the batteries and turned it on. Thought that I know it's uneven since I had it in my hand to put in the batteries. Flipped it over and waited then put something of. Again the error, but it was just sitting there. Read the instructions... place on flat surface... did that but why. Well as I was reading the instructions the scale went off. I pushed the button to turn it on and now it show 0. I'm still learning how to use this thing but so far it's been helpful when trying to measure in different units. like lbs or even oz. I even like it that I can place an empty container and turn it on. It'll show as 0, then as I start pouring in the rice, it would start showing the weight. At least I didn't need to figure out how much my container weight minus the amount of rice I wanted. It's compact and extremely thin. Great little scale.

Brian T.
Awesome Product and customer service.

The product is awesome, easy to us and relatively slim and light. Scale is also easy to clean and customer service is top notch. They stand by their product as they help me immediately solve the little problem I initially had with the scale. Scale is also accurate and consistent. I would recommend placing the item to weigh at the center of the scale. However, placing what you want to weigh even at the sides gives you the same result. Thus, scale is really sensitive.

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