Balare 10-pcs Makeup Brush Set with Blue Crystal Handle



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Heidi S.
Beautiful brushes!

The quality of these brushes is great- no shedding and they are soft and firm where they need to be. They’re pleasant to hold and overall just beautiful brushes. You can’t beat this quality for the price! I highly recommend to anyone who likes makeup. Would make a great gift!!

Cristine N.
The Beauty..

You don’t realize how beautiful these are until you hold them in your hands and see for yourself... These are AMAZING! Like, breathtaking. I've never had makeup brushes as pretty as these. Not only that, but the brushes themselves are also super soft and feels great on the face.

Joanna M.
Yes Yes Yes

I love these! They are so gorgeous in person and they’re great for starter brushes, which is what I am currently using them for. They don’t seem or look cheaply made either, which is an A+ from me! I use the small brushes most often for eye shadow and blending. Would definitely recommend and would definitely buy again!

Charmaine M.
Beautiful brush set

So pretty and soft!!! I love them!

Pinky S.
Daughter loves these

My 10-year-old needs to wear makeup for her competitive dance team. I got her this set - more than she probably needs - just to practice with and because they'd look pretty sitting on her vanity, and figured I'd get her "real" brushes once she figures out what she really needs. Honestly, though, I don't think she needs anything else. I even applied her eye makeup using these, and although I was wishing for something a little smaller at one point to pack the color across the center of her lid, I was able to do a fine job creating the make-up look the coach asked for using just these brushes.

Kendra K.

I wasn’t sure about purchasing these brushes but when I got them. LITERALLY OMFG!!! I absolutely love them!!! So soft. I have used them they work perfectly. There are no fallout bristles. Blends great! I couldn't be any happier. DEFINITELY getting a second set.

Elsa R.
Great set of brushes!!

Good set of soft brushes. Great for blending and you can’t beat the price. No odor issue with the set I received. I have been using these brushes for a month and they are holding up great. I am honestly shocked at how good the quality is for the cost. I especially ended up loving the foundation and contouring brushes. The eye shadow brushes are also great. Honestly, I have TONS of brushes, cheap and expensive, and I tend to reach for these most often now. I really wasn't expecting that! Buying a second set as a back-up. I love them so much that I plan to start buying this set as a "starter" set for all my friends and family who take an interest in Make-up. I will be buying a set to gift my middle sister so she'll have the tools to achieve beautiful make-up looks and hopefully catch the Beauty Bug, too.

Donna C.

Pictures don't do justice. These brushes are super cute. I've bought expensive brushes in the past, and have found I rather like buying inexpensive brushes and changing them out from time to time. I love these!

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Balare 10-pcs Makeup Brush Set with Blue Crystal Handle