Glines 12-pcs Self-Threading Needles for Persons with Poor Eyesight

Color: Gold


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Ivory C.

I purchase these for a workshop. They are great when threading needles for a large group of participants with little time to spare.

Ivy G.
Easy to thread and use

I tried another type of self-threading needle and they did not work for me. I wanted to try this style and it works much better for me. So far, they do not break my threads. The gold eye makes it easy to see what I'm doing.

April W.
These are genius - a time-saver and allow those of us who just can't thread a regular needle

These are brilliant. I was constantly losing the very few large eye needles that come in a pack of needles and it was driving me insane because I have half-dozen packs of needles that I can't use! But with these, I can use all of them and they are super easy to thread! You just push the thread down in the little crack on the needle top and it slips under the lip, securing the thread and allowing you to get on with your project. Moe, I've been able to hem all of my work pants, fix my husband's shirt buttons, and the little tear on his pocket with no problems. I also think I'll finally be able to finish that embroidery project I started in April. Definitely worth the price.

Apple L.
Time-saver for big projects.

I use these needles for a sewing project in my high school classroom. They save a lot of time since the thread just snaps into place. Downside is they wear out or break very quickly with daily use. For normal use at home, they should be fine.

Sheena R.
Fantastic easy thread needles!

These are great easy thread needles! I’ve had other kinds that break the thread when you try to pull it into the eye, but with these, the thread slips in easily and stay in! They don’t come unthreaded until I’m ready to unthread it! Plus these come in different sizes which are really great too!

Therese W.
Great for "older eyes"

I used to be able to thread needles easily, but it's gotten harder as I've aged -- these work!

Nadine C.
Very convenient

Pretty pleased. I am partially blind so using regular needles is completely impossible, and I generally require help from other people. I used to use these all the time but lost most of them somehow. I will say these can be really fragile and the needle head (where the string goes through) does have a tendency to break if you’re not careful. Also learning how much pressure to use when inserting the string can be trial and error, I break my string trying sometimes. But once you get the hang of it, it works like a charm.

Millicent A.
Great value self-threading needles

These are handy when you want to move the thread from the top of quilt to either the back or to the inside batting. I use them for applique and long arm or when I need a quick thread moved to the back of my quilt tops. These are a great value. One note for improvement would be to offer these in a "thinner" needle.

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Glines 12-pcs Self-Threading Needles for Persons with Poor Eyesight