Serene Hair Color Dye | Non-toxic, Washable, DIY Hair Color Mascara

Color: Purple


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April W.
Perfect for a touch of color

We have ordered these a couple of times and they are perfect for a touch of color or the occasional all-over color. My kids love to use these to add a little color that thankfully will wash out easily without any problem. Highly recommend these for anyone that wants a temporary color without the worry of it not coming out!

Apple L.
So much better than “chalk” pens!

This is a great product for easily adding color to my little girls’ hair. It applies with a brush just like mascara. It actually applies better to clean damp hair. Each stripe is one dip of the brush combed through front and back. So, it spreads well. It is easy to make the colors brighter just by refilling the brush. After I applied it, I ran a wide-toothed Combe through to make it more flexible. It has a nice shine and shimmer to it, and it smells nice. The girls are thrilled.

Sheena R.
I LOVE this product

I LOVE this product. It is easy to use, the colors are vibrant, and it washes or brushes out. I actually use a small paintbrush to apply the color as I find that the "mascara" wand pulled my hair too much. Also, I just paint a few highlights in different colors instead of trying to color large areas. I'm a senior citizen and find this product great FUN!

Therese W.

Super fun and easy to use. Washes out. Stays on as long as you don’t wash your hair! Fun colors! No damage to hair! Easy to use and no mess!!! Love it!! Highly recommend!

Nadine C.
Fun temporary color!

My daughter and I wanted to add some temporary color to our dark and light brown hair. I would describe this as mascara for your hair. It does leave it a little stiff, but you can brush it out without brushing out all of the colors. It works better in small streaks, and some of the colors are more subtle, while others pop. We have been able to use them several times. The color does not last long, but they are perfect for a fun day or night out.

Millicent A.
Easy to apply

These are super cute. My ten-year-old daughter loves color options. It shows up very well, but it takes a lot of application to cover any significant area. It’s easy to apply, just be sure to have your hair in the style you want it in because you probably can’t go back over it with a brush once you apply the color.

Angel J.
Best Product Ever

I recently went back to all grey hair and I wanted to add some flair and this product is not only easy to use but the colors are great. It washed out and I can add a new color depending on what I am wearing.

Alyanna S.

I bought this for my 8-year-old daughter. The package came just as expected and pictured. The colors are very pretty and vibrant. The directions are easy to follow and the product easy to apply. My daughter did not have any issues washing it out of her hair. I would recommend.

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Serene Hair Color Dye | Non-toxic, Washable, DIY Hair Color Mascara