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Eris S.
Calm and Control a Cystic Flare Up

Used every kind of acne treatment in the books and nothing (literally not even my derm) could figure out how to control my cystic acne. I know it will never go away, but this stuff is magic in reducing the swelling, scaring and subsequent bruising I usually experience from a cystic flare up. Really recommend if you’re desperate for a solution.

Virginia L.
Started working the first night.

This is amazing. This is crazy, because I feel like I’ve tried most, if not all, of the ingredients individually before, along with dermatologist treatments, antibiotics, and multiples lines of acne care systems. (I’m still using my normal face wash/moisturizer regimen) But, literally the first night, this started calming my cystic acne down.

Karla G.
Great product!!

I have dealt with cystic acne for years! A lot of products only made it worse or nothing at all. This stuff really works! Blemishes are cleanly going away and scarring has left dramatically over a few days use. I would recommend this to anyone.

Mae P.
Moisturizing & helped my acne!

I like that this product is very moisturizing for my skin and I can use it before bed and before I put my makeup on. It helped my acne but it hasn’t gotten rid of my deep pimples yet. But it’s still a good product.

Rose H.
Great for acne treatment

I have suffered from acne due to hormonal treatments for a year now. Nothing has helped. I wanted to try this last resort before starting a very expensive and invasive treatment. I can say that I have put that treatment off because this cream has helped my acne tremendously. My skin feels smooth and the inflammation has gone down dramatically from the very first application.

Janno H.
It Works So Far

I was skeptical if it was going to work. On the 2nd night, my cystic zit was starting to “ripen”. By the 4th night, my pimple popped (which I was hoping for). It has also kept other potential acne from forming, keeping them at bay. I have also been on biotin for a month so it might contribute my skin clearing up, but I doubt it.

Mark W.
I recommend!

After only one week of using this product, my face has improved a great amount! The redness has gone down, the original acne has started to finally heal, and any new breakouts that started to resurface have been prevented from fully emerging by the next morning after putting this cream on overnight. The cream feels nice on your face and doesn’t sting like other acne-fighting products often do.

Jamaica G.
Great product

I purchased EzCare face cream for my son's acne. He tried many prescription medicines that just weren't working and they are very expensive. I thought it was worth it to give EzCare a try and I'm so glad we did! He's used it now for two weeks and his skin has a healthy glow and pimples are gone. He still has some blackheads, but no active, painful zits. Sometimes it's hard to get young boys to invest in a good skin routine. This is so easy. It doesn't stain towels, washcloths, or pillowcases. The only thing that both he and I had to get used to is that it burns a little when you first apply it. It is worth dealing with because of the positive results. It really leaves your skin feeling soft and looking great.

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