Babygenic Adjustable Baby Cloth Diapers, Washable and Reusable

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Diane W.
It has been a really great experience! My 7-month-old is still using disposables at ...

I ordered 3 pcs of these! The colors are cute and all of the diapers were Babygenic brand. We are several days into this journey and so far have not had any blowouts or issues of any kind. It has been a really great experience! My 7-month-old is still using disposables at night so I plan on purchasing some of the bamboo inserts so we can transition out of disposables entirely! Yes, they are cheaper but you don’t get any insert just diaper. But I would definitely recommend these to any parents considering cloth diapers!

Marian D.
Better than standard diapers

These diapers really do live up to their expectancy, ordered 12 pcs. If you really don't mind cleaning the diapers after each use and want to save yourself a lot of money in the long run, these diapers are more than worth it. I started out with 6 of them and had some standard diapers for backup until I bought the second pack. Ignore some of the posts about leaks, If you change them regularly they will not leak and the only time I've found them to leak is at night time but putting 2 inserts (by the way there are no inserts included, wish there was) in the diaper prevented leaking for me. Now you'll have your own experience with this product but don't listen to some of the other reviews; give it a try and go from there, it might just save you a lot of money in the long run.

Cory D.
My go to cloth diapers!

DO NOT LET THE PRICE OF CLOTH DIAPERS DETER YOU!! I've owned expensive Bumgenius and Smart Bottom cloth diapers and these are so much better! Bumgenius diapers are no longer fitting my 9-month-old baby very well, it has become difficult to clasp the buttons, Smart Bottoms take too long to pre-wash and I lost count of whether mine are ready to use - maybe that is why they keep leaking?! I actually gave up on the more expensive brands, I store my Bumbenius and Smart Bottoms in the car and travel bags as back-ups only, just in case of emergencies - because I don't like them. And my Babygenic is my go-to everyday diapers. You can't get any better value for this price, making cloth diapering even more affordable! Recommend! I've been using these for 6+ months and they still look new.

Barbara J.
These worked like a gem

We had a major blow out issues. It didn't matter what disposable diaper I used, we just couldn't contain my son's poody. I reluctantly resorted to cloth diapers. These worked like a gem! It definitely took me some time to figure them out, but now we don't have blowouts!

Melissa R.
This diaper is a good example of why expensive isn't always the best

This diaper is a good example of why expensive isn't always the best. We've used a popular cloth diaper for months on our baby assuming it was the best, since it was the most expensive. The inserts in that brand were coming apart and someone suggested microfiber to stay dry longer. We didn't want to go with another popular brand that has microfiber so we tried these. We were surprised at how great they worked. It's been a few weeks since using these and we love them. We prepped them as directed, use Method laundry soap, and use a sprayer to spray off the poop in the toilet.

Princess Q.
Excellent diapers

I love these diapers so far! Started baby at around 8 lbs and the snaps can overlap, so the advertised sizing is likely accurate. This stuff easily is simple to use and have cleaned nicely thus far. Line drying on a sunny day works wonders for stains.
These are our favorite diapers so far. I tried only one "name brand" diaper, and we like these so much better.
We've had zero blowouts and minor leakage when we left the change a little too long.
Snap closures have also been our preference because no matter how firmly I stick hook and loop closures to the laundry tabs, they come open and stick to things in the wash. IMO stick with snaps.

Avery C.
good reusable diapers

These are good diapers, they seem to work decently well. I do like that there are a lot of snaps and bigger side straps than other brands, but it didn’t come with liners per diaper. Also, it didn't come with any instructions as to how to use the different snaps for smaller babies, I had to go hunting on the internet for that info.

Chenny P.
So far no leaks!

Love these sets, I wish there was more gender-neutral though. A great cheap option to introduce yourself to cloth diapers. I am so worried about washing them wrong but with these I haven’t had any issues and even if I did I wouldn’t feel as bad messing up the elastic on such a cost-effective product.

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