Acneella Silicone Face Scrubber, Exfoliator Face Cleansing Pads

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Genesis S.
Great, but they feel different

These facial cleansing pads are awesome, I absolutely love them. I saw a few comments saying that they were way too rough. I did notice that the darker colors feel more firm and the light colors are softer, leaving the more medium colors are, well, in the middle. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but it doesn't bother me at all. I actually prefer to use the black one, which happens to be the most firm. The grip is nice and I don't experience any slipping, and I just suction it right onto my bathroom wall. It's also super easy to clean. They seem pretty durable, so I can't imagine me having to re-purchase them for myself any time soon. I would 10/10 purchase again to give as gifts though, because they work great and it's a pretty good value.

Aira C.
So much wow for such a little thing

Seriously, this thing seems like such a small and inconsequential item. Like who needs a silicone face scrubber? Everyone. Everyone needs this. I hardly ever review products, especially something as simple as this but here goes. This is in no way a sharp scrubber. It will not give you the scratching feeling of a face scrub, like a known brand for example. This is supper soft silicone that exfoliates your face over time. So you need to use it everyday to clear away that top dry layer of skin, and reveal the nice smooth layer underneath.

Also, this saves you soooo much product. I use a cream cleanser. When I apply it with my hands, it goes everywhere, all down my elbows, all over the sink, so half of my cleanser gets wasted. With this scrubber, I wet my face only a little, put my cleanser directly on the scrubber and use circular motions to work up a lather. I find I use half the amount of cleanser when I put it directly on the scrubber.

I love this thing so much I bought extras for me, some for my mom, and some for me to travel with.

Levi L.
Deep cleaning

Why not--it's so cheap. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but in the last month since I started using it nearly every day in my skincare routine, I've noticed a HUGE difference in the evenness of my skin, smaller pores, less black and white heads. Also it's perfect for travel. Would definitely recommend.

Carol D.
Great for everyday use

I love these! I use them everyday to wash my face. It has a good grip to hold on to and scrubs my face well. There is even a suction cup on the back to stick to your mirror.

Aaron B.
Small and Soft

I only got 3 of the 5 pads, which I am okay with. I am only using 2, and they don't get dirty. I have noticed a smoother difference when I used this scrubber, compared to my spin brush. If you are an over exfoliator and trying to stop being so harsh on your skin, I would check this product out! I thought they were too small, but it actually is fine, takes some getting used to when holding it. I will be continuing using this product!

Paolo G.
Very soft, lightly scrubs

I did not pay attention to the measurements and this is the smallest silicone scrubber I've ever purchased. If you are looking for a soft scrubber, this is the one for you! If you have a bit bigger pores like I do with a little more oily, this probably is not the one for you. I need something a little more rough. Perfect for kids!

Allan W.
Skincare Essential

I live for this product. It exfoliates my skin so well & the scrubber is so easy to clean!! Not sure why people are saying they’re difficult to hold because the suction cup on the back doubles as a grip. Great for getting rid of dirt & clogged up skin. 5/5.

Jerry H.

What a great little tool and value for your money!! feels soft yet it also feels like it exfoliates! I just love this! It comes with 2, I use one for all creams and moisturizers and use the other one for cleansers! They are easy to clean, dry fast and feel great!

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