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Barbara J.
So very cool

These are cool. I love matcha tea. Try as I might, I keep getting lumps unless I whisk the tea with a little hot water. I got tired of trying to whisk a little bit of tea with a big ol whisk. So I ordered this. I love it. Its cool besides functional. I don't know what it is about matcha but it feel really special to me. And its so GOOD.

Erick S.

The whisk is not only a piece of art but the perfect tool to whisk my teas. I do not drink matcha, but I do like to whisk my black teas with a bit of cream and honey. I used to use a large metal whisker. I would have to use a larger container and then pour the tea into my teacup. It was a mess! Now, it is simple!!! No extra cleaning and no mess.

Melissa R.

I love using this has helped me to whisk my matcha well. Unfortunately its not entirely long lasting. The bristles are beginning to expand more. Meaning I'll be needing to purchase another soon. I have been using this everyday so I understand it from occurring.

Avery C.
Great value.

Great quality, easy to use, easy to wash, and works with the Matcha powder I purchased.

I hate chunks in my Matcha powder! I drink it everyday in hot and cold drinks with ice cubes, and the stuff can be hard to get mixed 100%. Even Starbucks manages to have issues with mixing Matcha. The Matcha wisk is legit and works great. Definitely would recommend.

Aurora S.
I know it looks pricey or frivolous...but you need it if you drink matcha.

I have lately been getting into a real fitness/nutrition phase, so of course I started making a lot of matcha teas and lattes. I thought a bamboo whisk was kind of a dumb, frivolous thing and originally just used a spoon. Finally, I gave in and bought this out of curiosity, and have to say I should have bought it sooner. A spoon works, but takes like a minute or two and you still can't always get the clumps out....this, on the other hand, takes like 10 seconds. It's also really easy to clean. If you make matcha then you need this!

Jolie L.
Just right for my morning matcha latte!

The whisk was exactly what was missing from dissolving matcha entirely and brought an excellent froth to the soy milk for a great latte.

Chenny P.
Works perfectly to dissolve the matcha powder

This works great, way better than a regular whisk, which I had been using. It got all the powdered tea dissolved. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I'm not sure how long it will hold up.

Arrah G.
Must buy!

I got this beautiful whisker to start my conversion to matcha latte. This helps the process so much quicker than using whatever I had around the house. It also helps foam up the matcha and you are interested in foamy milk to add to the latte, the whisk can help achieve that.

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Bamboli Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Whisk Chasen | Matcha Stirrer