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Lady L.
Great scrub and moisturizer in one

We love this stuff! It is a great scrub AND moisturizer without leaving an oily feeling afterward. Also, it smells great! I don’t even have to put lotion on after my shower when I use this. My husband has super dry, scratchy elbows and this is the only scrub that has worked to take care of both issues. Be sure to shake it before each use because the oil separates a little.

Cynthia W.
Best product ever!

Reluctantly I bought this product. I have issues with very sensitive skin and everything breaks me out like I'm still in puberty even at 41. Let me say, this product works, it smells great and even helped to diminish the fines lines around my eyes. I use a moisturizer this just boosted my skincare regimen. It leaves my skin feeling soft and revived. The smell isn't too strong at all! As far as how to use it, use it only in the shower and rinse down the shower after using it. It is a loose scrub and can make a bit of a mess, however totally worth it.

Veron L.
Buy it. U wont regret

I just tried this evening this is the best of the best and I've tried the rest this stuff works better than you could ever imagine all you need is a little on your face use on body, toes, scalp, etc, rub it in gently use it to your liking and you will feel a difference once you rinse it off this product is unbelievable I will be recommending it to everybody

Cherry S.
Favorite skin scrub

This is a great product to fight cellulitis as well as make skin soft, clean and glowing. I tried many scrubs for my sensitive skin and this is my favorite. Not expensive but I do not mind to spend money for my skin care because I enjoy the result

Jessica A.
The BEST! Quick and lasting results! Nothing else compares. Highly recomended!

BEST moisturizer I’ve EVER used! LUSHCOSMETICS comes as a close second. For a long time, I suffered from tiny bumps all over my skin that caused a rough texture. It made me lose confidence. But when I tell you I saw results after the first night! Seriously, I have yet to find a comparable exfoliator. If texture or breakouts is your concern, this is for you! I wanted smooth skin, and I got it! lol. Very affordable. Quick results. Highly recommended. Periodt.

Eli M.
Its doing wonders!

I have deep, horrible cystic acne as well as terrible skin texture as you can see in the second photo. I've used it for five days and while it isn't really helping the cystic acne, it is absolutely improving my skin texture after the first use. I have noticeably fewer bumps, and my face feels calmer and looks less irritated. I use it once a day at night, and use sun protection in the morning. Would recommend!

Penelope C.
5 stars! Really works and smells AMAZING!

This almond scrub is fantastic! I bought it for my husband but I ended up using it, too! It really removes dead skin and doesn't leave your skin dry like other scrubs do. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin but works really well on rough patches of skin, too. It rinses clean and smells AMAZING.

Lucy J.
Big difference in my skin

I absolutely love this and the other scrub from this brand!
I have noticed a big difference in my skin since using this product. It leaves me with highly moisturized, good-smelling skin, with a bright glow! I would highly recommend this being added to your beauty routine.

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