Seness Reusable Make-up Remover Sponge | Removes Dirt and Excess Oil

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Cherry S.
Literally amazing!

I had gotten home from work so ready to take my makeup off. I was dreading my process that I normally do because it never feels like I get everything off. I was greeted with a surprise. The pads had come in, and I was pumped! My makeup wiped off so easily! it was like I never had any on at all. All I did was put warm water on it and my makeup came right off.

I was skeptical about how easy it was going to be to clean all of the makeup off the pad. I shouldn't have been. I put my face wash on the pad, scrubbed it for a second, rinsed it off, and it all the makeup came right off! It literally looked like I hadn't even used it yet. These things are awesome!!!

Melody E.
My teenage daughters love them!

We are trying to go plastic free in our home and be more eco-friendly; therefore, the disposable beauty wipes were out. I ordered these in hoping they could be a substitute for the make-up remover wipes. They work. It removes all levels of makeup from blush to waterproof mascara without having to wipe extremely hard causing skin irritation. Once complete, my one daughter will wash it with soap and reuse it, my other daughter throws it in the wash. I wash them with the towels cycle. My one teenage daughter has had an improvement with her acne because these gently exfoliate while removing the makeup and there are no chemicals or irritating fragrances. I have ordered more.

Lindsay W.
Great Makeup Remover

I use this at night with my face wash; I love the softness and the water absorbency. It makes my face feel super clean. I always have black under my eyes form mascara and eyeliner, I can just damp this, especially in a hurry, and gently rub my under eye. It takes it off easily. Will buy again.

Pamela M.
Relaxing and Efficient

My mascara is super stubborn. I would use make up remover and then wash my face and still have mascara on. Since I got these, I just dampen them with warm water, which is super relaxing by the way, and rub the mascara off! It’s all gone before I even wash my face. I’m very impressed and pleased with this product.

Jessica A.
Took off ALL my mascara!!

I bought this because I do believe we produce too much waste. I choose this specific product because of the great reviews. Let me say it did NOT DISAPPOINT!! I normally have to use not only the Neutrogena wipes but I use their liquid for extra help getting my mascara off. And I still have to use my washcloth to SCRUB the rest of in the shower. Well using this ONCE it took off my entire make up AND ALL of the mascara, I’ve never had any produce to do that. And the pads are SUPER soft and they washed clean in seconds. I'm a brown skinned black woman so my makeup normally stains white clothes. Not this one. GREAT product!!

Lucy J.
Life changing

I used to buy makeup wipes, but was looking for something more cost efficient and less wasteful. This product works so well! Just put whatever cleanser you want on the puff and gently wipe makeup away. This makes my routine so much easier and doesn't make a big water mess like a regular cloth would. You have a lot of control and you can be more precise. I use it to cleanse, as well as apply toner. Can't live without it! I like to double cleanse, first with micellar cleansing water (makeup remover), and then go in with an actual face wash, and then finish with facial toner. All using the puff, while gently rinsing the puff in between each step. Super easy!

Steffany N.
Better alternative to wipes

I bought these after going through packets of make-up remover wipes and feeling guilty about the waste. I am able to wipe off my make-up with the wet pad, put facial soap on the pad and soap my face, then rinse my face with a washcloth and rinse out the pad. No need for wipes and the pad rinses out seemingly completely. I am sure I could travel with the pad, the only reason I did not give it 5 stars for traveling is that one must put the pad in a plastic bag for travel since it is unlikely to be dry for packing. Very happy with this purchase.

Amber M.
Money saver!!

Yes! Finally I found something to save me money from buying one time use make up remover. I love this puff, and it’s quite simple to use and clean.

I have oily/dry skin and I put light make up daily for my office job. I mainly use foundation, eye liner, and brow liner. This puff removes ALL that off my face at the end of the day! All you need to do this soak it in warm water then squeeze the water out. Gently wipe your face and boom! You will see the make up removed! You then just rinse the puff in warm water, I like to use mild soap to wash it but you don’t have to. It truly works great and I save a lot of money! This is also sustainable!

However, one downside. For some reason, after I use it, my face does get dry but in general, I have oily/dry skin.

Hope this helps you!

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Seness Reusable Make-up Remover Sponge | Removes Dirt and Excess Oil