Abnex Personalized Baby Pacifier Clip | Beads Silicone Pacifier Chain Holder

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Janice S.
We love these clips and use them for everything!

This is the second set of pacifier clips I have ordered from this company and we LOVE them! My little one loves to chew on the beads. She's not super into pacifiers but we have been using these to tether her teethers, sippy cups, mesh feeders and toys. I love that this set has vibrant colors and pearlescent beads! The plastic clasps work great and even Papa can use them.

Jimmy W.
Two in one mommas! Love these!

These pacifier clips are a two in one deal for sure. We hit the teething stage so my boy always wants something to chew on and then swaps for his pacifier for comfort as well. This clip provides both for him and the best part is that it’s clipped onto his little shirt so when he transfers the pacifier and/or the teething string in his hands it won’t get lost or drop onto the floor wherever we are! Not only those details but so easy to clean, super durable, and literally lovely set of colors!!!! The clip itself is easy to use, too. Buy this. You won’t regret it!

Jeff H.
Attractive Beaded Clip, Great for Teething

What can I say, pacifier clips get lost in my household just about as fast as pacifiers. I thought these were pretty cool, since he can gnaw on the beads too. Seems like the beads would be great for a baby that’s cutting teeth. I washed mine with some warm water and dish soap first. He seemed to love them, as you can see he put a bead in his mouth first thing. The clip is sturdy, took me a moment to figure out how to use the clip but once I got it, I got it. It does it’s job, it keeps the pacifier from falling on the floor in public or at home for that matter. They are very attractive pacifier clips, the colors are pretty, we love green in this household. So I’m glad to have these and I hope they don’t disappear like the others have, anytime soon.

Jessica A.
Love this

Overall, I love these things. The only negative thing in my opinion is that they put too many beads on the length of rope, making the string too rigid. We cut one bead from each clip and it made them so much easier for my baby to manipulate the things.

James E.
Love them but hair sticks to beads

What I like about these teething clips is the cute style, the clip has a good grip, my 5 month really enjoys chewing them, they are a good length, not too long where they get caught on things but long enough that my baby can grab it. I feel good about my baby chewing these because they are quality material. The only negative to these is that every type of hair sticks to them, dog hair and human hair and it gets tangled in the beads. It's easy enough to clean with water but annoying that I have to clean before every use.

Richard W.
My baby LOVES these

I bought these for my son's pacifiers, but it turns out he likes the beads way more than the pacifier. He hasn't used his pacifier since I bought these. Perfect for teething.

Kylie M.
Easy to use, cute, works for my toddler and newborn

I bought this before my second was born because we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl and I liked that it had two colors. We gave the pink one to my 1 year old daughter and she chews on it, but she likes the clippy part best so the string gets dirty and is dingy looking even after washing lol. But that does not matter to me. My one year old does not use a binky, but my now 3 week old does and it works well for keeping binky from being lost in blanket folds, etc. I clip it to my toddlers clothes or car seat as well so she can chew on it without throwing it, so far she has not torn it from her clothes which is surprising.

Glaiza H.
Perfect for teething + easy to clip

This is the perfect combination for teething and convenience. Our 6 month old son loves to chew on the beaded part and it’s easy for him to grip. The clasps on the end are easy to clip on to any clothing/bib and they stay securely in place. We had a few fabric pacifier clips before this one and this is a game changer, plus it’s stylish too! Highly recommended for anyone!

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