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Marvin M.
Works very well for the price!

This product is super easy to use. I like that I only have to commit a minute or two to use it. I’ve only used it a few times and I can see a difference already! It doesn’t cause any kind of sensitivity to my teeth like most whitening products. For the price point, I think it’s a great product!!

Marivic L.
Happy whitening pen customer!

I'm always looking for new affordable whitening treatments and this one works better than I expected! My teeth are fairly white but being an avid (maybe even an excessive) coffee drinker I was getting yellow stains between my teeth that regular brushing was just not getting. I needed something to get in the nooks and crannies of my teeth and this pen did the trick! I recently saw my dentist and she commented on how white my teeth looked (never had professional whitening done as it is too expensive for me). I didn't get any additional sensitivity (my teeth are already super sensitive) which was another big deal for me. I've already recommended others to try it because my friends know I'm always looking for reasonably priced whitening pens!

Vico C.
Impressive Results

I was skeptical of these type of teeth whitening products until I used this pen. 2 months in and the results are incredible. I’ve always aspired to have a bright white smile leaving me confident for all 1:1 meetings, not just Friday Saturday Sunday nights out. Great product. Will buy again!

Toni B.
It works

If you expect movie star white, you're going to be disappointed, but there's no question this lightened teeth by several noticeable degrees. The instructions suggest drying your teeth before applying, but this is very hard to do especially on the lower jaw. The flavour is unsurprisingly strongly chemical with a hint of mint, but it dissipates quickly enough.

Calix G.
Easy and effective!

Used this product a few weeks before my wedding. Very easy to use and had my teeth looking the perfect shade of white for all my wedding photos! I would recommend if you are looking to whiten your teeth easily and inexpensively. I'm a fan!

Princess Q.
Easy to use

This will be the third day that I’ve used this. I am starting to notice a slight change in color; I’ve only been using it once a day. The flavor is minty and not gross at all. My teeth do feel a little funny afterward like something cold has been up against them, but NO pain! It’s pretty straightforward. I’m just having trouble seeing if I got enough of the gel on the tip. Not sure how many times to turn the base. So far so good, though!

Durrel F.
Best Tooth Whitening Option For Sensitive Teeth

This product is one of the best teeth whitening product I’ve used! I have extremely sensitive teeth & was nervous this would be uncomfortable, but to my surprise, it wasn’t! It’s also easy to take along with you on trips, to work, anywhere! It has removed my stain on one of the teeth that was bothering me, & my dentist noticed! It’s affordable & effective!

Ken R.
Tried it

Honestly, I was really looking forward to seeing great results after seeing all of the positive reviews about this product but unfortunately, this was not the case for me.

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VibrantWhite Teeth Whitening Pen | Effective, Painless, No Sensitivity