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Susan T.
This is the best toy ever--why don't they market it for adults

This is the best toy ever--why don't they market it for adults?! My husband and I like playing with this at least as much as our 20-month-old daughter. I love that it's easy to use and fun to play with. If I had to do it again, I'd probably just buy the single one. I understand that the concept of buying five at once is so you can play a whole range of notes. We're not that coordinated, though. The tones are really nice and we have fun with them. We hear the tooting of the flutes from the bathroom when we leave for a sec during bathtime. If your little one likes musical instruments then this is a fun addition to the out-of-the-bath instruments that are readily available. (Plus, you can actually use this out of the bath, too. No reason why you can't add some water from the sink!)

Kent L.
Absolutely love this toy

Absolutely love this toy!
Not for kids under 4-5 years of age, if they truly want to play the music. Parents need help for kids under that age. But still so much fun with 2 and 4 year olds!
Yes, water gets in and your child might drink it, but that's what parents are for, watch them, supervise them, so they don't.
Hang them upside down when done, so it dries completely and you won't have any mold problems.
Or brush it off once in a while with a bottle brush for absolute cleanliness.

Matilda G.
Good addition to bath toy collection

Got this for my 3 year old to start replacing bath toys. Although I do believe they have spent more time out of the tub attempting to annoy everything in the house. It is a neat little toy. Fill each tube up with water to the different music not line and then blow to create that tone. They will come out of the blue holder and can be used independently. I do wish it had a suction cup of something to keep them stored on the wall or something, but for what it is it has been a good addition to bath time...and anytime when she feels like taking them out of the tub.

Kenn D.
Cute concept - my boys enjoy this

These are fun! My boys are 4 and 1.5, so they don't get the concept of filling the water to the line to create that particular pitch - and they don't follow the sheet music. They also don't allow me to serenade them while they bathe... but considering they pee in the tub, I've given up trying... A great toy if you're looking for a way for your kids to create really obnoxious high pitch sounds.

Caroline D.
Fun water Flutes!

My toddler likes whistles and these were no exception. He really likes to fill them and blow while in the bath. He is only 2 and 1/2 so he hasn't been able to figure out the circle and square fill lines in order to play actual songs, but that doesn't matter...he enjoys using these.

I gave it a 4 star rating because the drain system is a bit tricky...the bottom of each flute can be turned and it will separate (but remains attached) to the flute so the water can drain out fully. It is tricky because to get the bottom off I have to usually use a washcloth since the knob is fairly small and it is tough to get a grip on it.

Jeffrey B.
Fun for the whole family!

I originally bought these for a 2 year old's birthday present and my husband didn't know and opened them for our 12 month old daughter. I figured she wouldn't be old enough to figure them out, but it only took one day and she was making music! These have been such a great investment. I have a flute in the car for her to play with, she brings one or two with her out of the bath to play while we get her ready for bed, and she walks around the house playing them. They're fun for the whole family because she likes us to blow into them and then she takes a turn. Always brings smiles to our faces! Makes a great gift, too!

Hani V.
My kids love these. It doesn't matter if they are in ...

My kids love these. It doesn't matter if they are in tune or not...they play with them all the time. We take them outside in the pool and inside in the bath. If you don't like noisy toys then don't buy these. They clean out easily. We dry them upside-down on a bottle rack, otherwise I could see them getting mold and mildew. It also comes with sheet music that is plastic and sticks to the tub for fun learning and play.

Archie R.
Fun bath toy.

My children love to play with these. They are too young to understand the different notes but just like to fill them up and play them. It is a good tool to start to teach them about different notes and how music is made. I look forward to watching them grow and learn more with these. The blue holder is not the best. It is hard to get all of the flutes on the holder and the string around without them sliding out or dumping the water out of them.

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