Cocket 2in1 Auto Dispenser Water Bottle with Base for Hamster and Small Animals



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Ashton B.
Reasonably functional for the price

Love my by hamster can’t chew anything off, she really likes to chew off the chains that hold the bottles in place. This one is small and low enough for her, she really seems to like it

Damiel S.
Good for mice in an aquarium

No leaks, and pretty stable. My mice don't knock it over, but sometimes they stuff their bedding under it, pushing the ball and soaking their bedding! Little jerks. They also manage to detach the side dish and pack it full of bedding and hide under the water bottle. However, I think the side dish helps it stay standing. I also like that it has the clip to use with a cage if you need to.

Sabrina P.
Built for smaller pets

The water bottle is perfect for what we needed and arrived looking exactly as pictured. It is a smaller setup. My daughter has a pet hedgehog that was a rescue pet because she is missing her two front legs. Due to the missing limbs, she has difficulty standing on her hind legs for long periods of time, so the normal water bottle that hangs off the side of the cage often gives her trouble, and she is not able to drink from a dish because she would end up face first in it. She has had no trouble at all with this bottle and is able to use the small dish for her food.

Jane S.
Perfect For What I Needed

Works great, doesn't leak. My chinese hamsters love to play underneath the bottle in the little hide hole. This was perfect for a cheap bottle for one of their playpens that doesn't create an escape hazard by hanging down from the outside. My chinese love to climb, so I had to make them playpens from large boxes.

Allan P.
Excellent solution when a hanging bottle won't work

Great product! I needed a standing water bottle for my deep cage with a small dwarf hamster. This bottle works perfectly, no drip, just needed an adjustment the first time I filled it when the vacuum was too strong and my little guy couldn't get water right away. No trouble since then, over a week since I started using it. Very pleased, will get this bottle again for my small pets.

Michael F.
Cute, and cool!

Had just gotten a glass tank for my hamster and couldn’t find a suction cup water bottle but found this! Super cute and a great size. However the food cup doesn’t click in tight enough with the water bottle holder stand thing. So I just took it off and had it sit alone. Also the water nozle sits pretty low, close to the bottom of the tank. I thought it wouldn’t work fornicate my Syrian hamster but I hewrd her drinking away one night. But I think it is ideal for smaller hamsters, nice and gerbils. Wish they made larger hamster items specific for Syrian Hamsters.

Nikko M.
Good for Small Animals

Honestly not the sturdiest. My hedgehogs can very easily knock the whole thing over. They’re kind of a pain though. I love how easy they are to refill, and that they are at the perfect height for the hedgehogs to get to the spout. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a small pet, such as a hedgehog or hamster, because it also comes with a food bowl. I don’t use that part, but it would/could be very useful!

Melody E.
Great little bottle

It's a great little water bottle. To refill, you lift the bottle from the stand, flip the bottle upside down and unscrew the entire spout end. Most other water bottles have to hook to the side of a cage, but we had converted a storage tub for a habitat so that wouldn't work. Our Robo hampster likes to crawl underneath the stand. The side tray is good for feeding him. Downside, if the bedding reaches the spout, it wicks the water out.

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Cocket 2in1 Auto Dispenser Water Bottle with Base for Hamster and Small Animals