Buxom Baby Stroller Handle | PU Leather Armrest Case

Color: Black


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Pamela M.
... on but after you get it on it's a wonderful thing!

This item was a bit difficult to put on but after you get it on it's a wonderful thing!! The item fits snugly in so you don't have to worry about it moving around after its on. I don't have to worry about dirty hands because now I can just wipe it down. I also don't need to worry about the foam coming off the stroller. Best part it's not expensive at all. I would definitely tell everyone who has a stroller like me to get this addition.

Lindsay W.
Clean, tight fit, protects original handle, looks awesome

It's amazing! It makes the stroller look even better! The artificial leather sleeve made it easier to clean versus the foam handle the stroller comes originally with. Also, after folding it it will protect the handle from getting damaged after repetitive use. I would say that it is excellent for people taking the stroller for travel, beach or places that could get it dirty quick. The fit is perfect! It is a little challenging to put it at the beginning but the tightness of the sleeve makes it fit nicely on the handle (plus, it won’t slide). Also, extra items such as hooks fit and hold well on the sleeve. I definitely recommend you to buy this.

Bonna S.
A little short and hard to put on

For the price it’s good but doesn’t wrap all the way around and very very difficult to put on. I can’t seem to close it either. Makes it look fancier for sure just wish it was a tad longer.

Robin P.
Looks good!!

I love this thing! I was worried it wouldn't fit around the stroller handle and it does! It’s nice and snug and looks fancy. My stroller didn’t come with any cover or padding and when you fold it, it gets scraped from the ground. This helps protect it now. Love it!!

Jessica A.
Works as intended

Nice accessory especially considering the price. The feel or look doesn't come close to real leather but its not bad either. The fit could be a bit better.

stephen h.
Great handle cover

I Absolutely love the feel of this leather cover I got for my single stroller that had cracked foam around the handle from being so old. Now it looks brand new with cover over it! I wish I would have bought this when my stroller was new to protect from wear and tear. Highly recommended!!!!!

Eli M.
Smooth Handlebars

Hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made. I bought two and am using them on our strollers. The texture is nice and smooth and much better than the foam handlebars. They were easy to install too. Will purchase again!

Richard A.
good looking sleeve

i'm glad i bought it because it saves my original stroller handle what is foam. This sleeve is beautiful and stylish and doesn't look like add on. it was a little bit hard to zip it up but not impossible. Next time I'll get a couple inches longer one.

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