Pawzia Dog Slow Feeder Bowl, Prevents Choking | Eco-Friendly, Durable & Non-Toxic

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Martina C.
Does your dog eat too fast? This is the solution!

This bowl is awesome. Our Chihuahua has an eating disorder where she inhales her food super-fast which is not good for her. She has done this her whole life. This feeding bowl is the perfect solution and she loves it! I highly recommend this feeding bowl if your dog eats too fast. This enables better digestion of food. Our dog loves this bowl. Eating is fun for her now. The bowl is made of sturdy plastic and we put it in the dishwasher. Works great. I would definitely buy it again. I wish we would have found this years ago!

Crissy R.
Does your dog gobble too?

The design of this partitioned little dog bowl is an excellent way to slow down the eating pattern of gobbling dogs that seem to inhale their food. "She who must be obeyed", our dachshund, takes a much longer time to clean her bowl than she did with the ordinary dog bowl. Cleaning is a bit more demanding because of all the nooks, but that is a small price to pay. Perhaps some dogs may even learn to chew their food, who knows?

Jelly V.
These bowls really work for dogs that gulp their food.

Wow, did these bowls really slow my dogs down. We have four mini schnauzers and it's a race to the finish for three of them. The fourth one eats slower and the other three gather around him hoping he will drop them a crumb. Now it's the other way around, the slow one is watching the other three. This really has to be so much better for their digestion, as I swear they were eating so fast they really didn't even remember eating. It was about a 2 day learning curve for them to navigate the bowls a bit quicker, but they will never be able to inhale their food like before.
The bowls are easy to hand wash by swishing them around with hot water and dish soap, no scrubbing needed. They are not the heaviest bowl, but they have little rubber bars on the bottom and stay in place well. Be aware, they are non-microwaveable and hand washes only. I recommend these for fast eaters.

Minda L.
Wow! I am impressed!!

I completely love it!! I got a puppy and was immediately concerned with her choking as soon as I saw her eat. She just speed eats - as quick as a vacuum. Does not come up for a breath. My son suggested a food maze for her. WOW! Is all I can say. I laugh out loud when I first watched her eat with it. So relieved it worked for her. Now I can watch her eat with no concerns about choking. And her sister who eats slow and dainty can eat without her sister coming over to steal her food (I had to separate them before). Now they both finish eating at about the same time. Also, she is not able to pick up the bowl like the other one we used. Thank you for making this and love the color.

Victor M.
Effective way to slow down fast eating

Our pup can suck up her food so fast! This dish increased her eating time by a good 45 secs. When she moves out of puppy food it will probably slow her down more when the food is not so small.

Cassy G.
Great bowl for small dogs

I have an 11 lbs dog who just quaffs down solid food like it was a smoothie. She still eats pretty quickly, but I would say 2-3 times slower than usual. The bowl is solid plastic and easy to clean, although, in my case my dog keeps the bowl sparkling clean. It's sturdy and durable, so even if your dog decides to chew on the bowl, I suspect it can handle it fairly well. I recommend it for smaller dogs to slow them down on eating.

Cid C.
Good for my pug, Walter!

I have a pug named Walter. Walter basically inhales his food, and then pukes it up...then he tries to eat his sister's, food too (her name is Gladys), then Gladys gets grouchy. SO, I bought this Walter to slow him down a bit. Honestly, he hates it, and I can tell he is not impressed with it, but I love it. He hasn't puked from eating too fast since we started using this. Alternatively, he takes a super long time to eat now, but I guess it's better than puking!

Jordin B.
As described, very effective at slowing my little chowhound

Well made! As described. Sturdy, hard plastic construction. I have an overweight 14-pound Chiweenie and miniature pinscher. The pinscher is the chowhound so it was purchased for her, but I also hope it will help the other dogs lose weight. The bowl slowed her feed time from about 30 seconds to 5 or 6 minutes (literally). It's definitely a puzzle and I could see her getting a little better with each feeding. It seemed a little difficult for her to get into some of the crevices and she was trying to flip the bowl by picking it up by one of the nubs (which made me thankful that it wasn't made of that rubbery material), but I think the design prevented that. I will continue to monitor to make sure it isn't frustrating for her. I’m very happy with the effectiveness.

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Pawzia Dog Slow Feeder Bowl, Prevents Choking | Eco-Friendly, Durable & Non-Toxic