RainMaker Expandable Water Hose with Spray Gun

Length: 25ft


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Charity B.
Best hose ever!!!

I don’t know why I waited so long to get this. It’s soooo light and shrivels up when done using it. Great purchase!

Patricia B.
Expandable Hose

I am done tripping over a long tangled hose on my back deck. I got this hose to use on my deck where I keep my raised planters. It attached to my hose bib easily, it doesn’t kink, it expands to twice its length, and it has a handy cut off valve at the end. But the best thing is how light and little it is when not in use - it takes up very little space when storing.

Joyce C.
Very cool hose!

Very cool product. Very lightweight and easy to move around. It was cool to see it expand when you turned the water on. Got compliments on it too. Very cool hose.
I have not had it that long though to see how it lasts under the sun.

Beverly C.
Price Effective and Functional

This hose is super handy. I have a dog that thinks hoses are chewing toys, but after I turn the water off it could back up which, incidentally, spooked my dog so he doesn’t go anywhere near it now- WIN!
Besides that, it’s of decent quality- definitely on the cheap side but seems to have held up well in the 2ish weeks I’ve been (consistently) using it. I would definitely recommend to someone in the market for a quick-fix solution.

Jerry H.
Light and easy to use

I bought this because of a friend's recommendation. It's so much lighter and easier to move than my supposedly no kink regular hose. Plus, when you're done, it's so compact, you can put it back in a bag and keep it in the garage out of the sun so it'll last longer.

Joseph O.
Great little hose!

This hose came real quick. Just in time for me to wash my brand new car. I usually don't wash my car myself, but this new hose is perfect. I'm 70 so I needed a new hose that was light and manageable. This one is!

Michael S.
Great light-weight hose, easy to move around.

So I really like this for my new home. The pros of this are obviously that it's easy to move around and it's light-weight because it's more fabric material with tubing inside. Additionally, it takes up much less space. It gets narrower when not in use, and also shrinks down.
The only down-side, in my opinion, is that the screw attachments to hook this up to a water spout or a sprinkler are plastic and not metal, so that could lead to a durability issue.
On a minor plus, it comes with a built-in nozzle controller, so even if you don't have a proper sprayer nozzle yet, you can control it without just putting your thumb over the hose.
Overall a great value for the price. If you want to spend a lot more money to get metal parts and perhaps a stronger material around the tubes, you can do this.

Alfred W.
Reinventing The Traditional Hose

I love this hose. It’s incredibly lightweight and functional. It shrinks up as soon as the water is turned off and expands as soon as the water goes through it. It’s honestly really cool to watch as well as being extremely functional. The water pressure is great and I love how you can adjust the intensity. Great value at the price point!

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