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Jacky M.
Pegs work well

I bought these pegs to keep a muslin swaddle blanket over my twins car seats. These do the job, however, I think it's worth purchasing an actual light weight car seat cover. If there is any wind the blanket blows around. My babies also like to pull on it. I got so many blankets for gifts that I figured this was a less expensive way to make use of them!

Veron L.
Very convenient little clips!

I love these! There's no need to buy expensive stroller accessories like footmuffs and extra sun shades when the same effect can be achieved with these and any blanket.. They work better than clothespins would because they are wider and more rounded so they can clip onto more places on most strollers. I have a basic Graco Alano stroller and they will clip onto almost any part.

In the cold, I use them to secure a blanket around my daughter's legs so it can't fall off or be kicked off, and in the sun I use them to secure the blanket over the sides of the stroller's sun shade to keep the sun off her face. When she falls asleep (or when she's otherwise overstimulated and needs to calm down when we're out with the stroller), I make a "tent" completely around her with the blanket and secure it with these so she can nap in her own shady little fort without outside distractions.

Cherry S.
These clips work great to hold the blankets to my stroller so that ...

These clips work great to hold the blankets to my stroller so that they don't fall to the floor. I also use them to keep the sun out of my baby's face when she is asleep.

Lady L.
The Best Stroller Clips

Even though most strollers have a canopy, it doesn't keep out all the sun or keep the wind off of your child, so I purchased these clips because in FL, sometimes you want to give your child some shade! You simply clip on the blanket to the stroller, and it takes 2 seconds. They give you enough to clip the top of the blanket and the bottom so it doesn't get caught in the wheels. You can also clip on a favorite toy! Highly recommended, worth the money, fast delivery!!!

Maui D.
Works great to shade babies in car seats!

Not only do these work well for fastening a blankie on a stroller. I also like to use them on my granddaughters' car seats to shade them from the sun. It's not so bad this time of year, but the summers in Tennessee are brutally hot and I don't want my little princesses to bake! The clips are very large, so they fasten easily to the edge of the car seat, or even to the place above the rear window where you can hang shirts. They're very sturdy, which keeps them from breaking easily. I like that there are no small parts for little people to put in their mouths. I know that covering up to breast feed is considered optional in many places. But for those mothers who prefer modesty, the clips would work well to hold a light blanket over your shoulder. Oh, and I just had another idea. When the little girls are bigger girls, we can use the clips to close snack bags. They are really very handy and I would definitely recommend them.

Jasmin C.
I love these! I bought a Graco Room for 2 ...

I love these! I bought a Graco Room for 2 Sit and Stand strollers. The front seat for my little one has a canopy, but no real protection in the front or back. He is 6 months old, so I don't want to slather him with sunscreen yet. I used these stroller pegs for a 3 hour zoo trip & they were great! I clipped them (2 to the back of the canopy & 2 to the back of his reclined seat holding a muslin blanket) on & he was protected & safe! Comfy enough for a good nap, too! All I had to do was pull his canopy down in the front & he was completely covered.
No damage to my expensive A & A blankets & my son was safe!! I only wish I had purchased them sooner when he was an infant and I could clip them to his car seat in the stroller. (I was using a hair jaw clip! Or, holding the blanket on in the wind - this is much easier and better!)

Bella B.
great shoe clips!

I don't have a baby, but because these are not too strong and not too weak, as Goldilocks would say, they are "just right" for clips to keep your shoes together when you toss them in the closet, but want to find the matching ones. if they were too strong, they would leave a mark, if they were too weak, they wouldn't work, if they were not bright red, I wouldn't see them...

Kelly H.
Great strong stroller clips

I have the Britax bready 35 car seat and b ready stroller, while it does have a canopy it does not offer any sun protection for my little one. I have to use muslin cloths or the car seat covers both which do not offer viewing or stay secure in the wind - that is until I got these bad boys - now I can keep the wind out and cover my little guy the best way I see fit

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