TrailHop Bike V-Brake Pads | Rubber, Less Noise, and No-skid | 70 mm

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Chad S.
Smooth, firm, and quiet. Delighted with performance and feel. Great price.

Experienced cyclist and cycling instructor – I care about what I put on my bikes. I'm delighted with the "feel" of these pads. Smooth, firm, and quiet. The machining "finish" on the conical washers is not beautiful, but I decided that the low quality finish added resistance to slipping. In any case, once they're installed, this is a non-issue. Pro-install tip: Use a rubber band, or folded business card to space the trailing end of the pads a bit away from the rim. This technique, known as "toe-in" (look down at your feet with your toes pointed inward) contributes to smooth and quiet braking. Tip #2 - if you need to replace your pads, replace the brake cables as well.

Robin P.
Insane stopping power, quiet as a church mouse.

You want to be able to speed headlong to the edge of a cliff, and then stop short because you changed your mind? These will do that for you. (Not recommended, of course, this is an exaggeration of the stopping power I've found that these pads have.) You want to ride your bike down the steepest hill you can find, and still live to tell the tale? These brake pads will do that for you.

Michael D.
It is really quiet

No Noise - Whatsoever. I tried everything on a new bike to stop its embarrassing brake sound (front wheel) and it would not go away. I even sanded the wheel every day and it only helped for a few minutes. Finally I looked for a no-noise brake pad and bought this. It is absolutely quiet. I have used it for a few days and more than 20 miles with intensive braking on hilly roads but have not heard any noise. It is impressively quiet.

Genesis S.
These brakes have worked every time

Hi, I recycle bicycles and get them back out to our community through bike swaps. The bikes always require new, safe brakes. These brakes work great, are well priced for mass use, come packaged easily to use, and easy to understand "right goes on the right side, etc." I cannot recommend them enough. I have used them on mountain bikes, road bikes, and 24 inches up w/o problem. Give them a try!!

John R.
Great brakes for a great price...

This was a great product...easy to install, no squeak, came in a pack with 3 left pads/3 right pads (they can be used in the back or front of the bike.) I watched a video on YouTube and installed it without any problems. The whole project took about 15 minutes or so since I had to adjust the brake line. But they worked great. I called a local bike shop and got a quote of $50 to replace the the price for these was right in the budget. Thanks so much!

Andrew A.
Excellent bike pad replacements for those loud squealing brakes that scare pedestrians!

Installed and viola, NO MORE annoying squealing sounds while applying the hand brakes from my bike. You can hear the sounds at one block or two away! The brake material feels like a bit more rubber-like vs. my current pads. Thus far, they seem perfect for the job and at a great price. Actually, I needed to swap my OEM brake pads because while riding, when I hit the brakes behind walkers on the path, the squealing sound was like an announcement that would scare them pretty good and make some folks jump LOL. Anyhow, these seem like they will do the job. Good luck!

Roland R.
Brakes work well

I got these pads for my hybrid bike. I use it for commuting every day. They work nicely. They have good control of the braking force and don't make any noise. I just installed them with standard procedures (used the cardboard from the box to toe them in a little bit), and they work fine.

Jerry H.
Does the job to fix older squeaking brake pads

Installed onto son's mountain bike, when the original brake pads got squeaky, and these have good stopping power and are also nice and quiet so far.

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TrailHop Bike V-Brake Pads | Rubber, Less Noise, and No-skid | 70 mm