Athlexic Spring Clip Collar for Gym, Dumbbell Handles, and Body Building

Size: 2.8CM


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Jerico M.
At times members of the gym don't put things back ...

At times members of the gym don't put things back where they belong as you find yourself looking for collars. I carry these in my "gym bag of tricks" just make sure you mark them with something bright so as not to leave them behind. For Olympic bars.

Steve M.
These do the job inexpensively

These guys do what they are intended to do, keep your plates in place during lifts. I use them mostly on my Olympic dumbbells. If your hands are particularly strong, they will get stronger squeezing these guys on and off the sleeve.

Richard W.
Make Life Easy

I grew up with barbell/dumbbell collars that required a wrench for a locking screw - I hated these! These spring clips work fine for my moderate use. They do move slightly on my barbell but I always check before and after to keep them flush to the plates. However, I did have a set of very OLD dumbbell handles that hold my 1-inch plates - but the spring clips are too small to go onto the handles.

Anton Y.
it holds the weights like it should

as others have said these clips are very very tight, but this is a good thing. you really could use them as grip trainers. They fit well on my champion barbell. no fear of the weights falling off. They look nice too.

Robert H.
Very good quality

These are much better quality than I expected. They are well made and have a good weight to them. For those other reviews that complained about these being hard to squeeze... try working on your grip strength! They are supposed to be tight, or would you rather have all your weights slip off? These are good quality and value. Highly recommended!

Jack T.
Very solid spring clips!

I previously bought a pair of spring clips from another brand (Altus), and those clips fit onto the bar quite loosely. As a result, they often moved around and didn't do much to secure weights on the bar. These Athlexic brand clips are a different story. They do take some more force to squeeze open, but they fit onto the bar with a much tighter trip. They really work well in keeping weights in place and I would highly recommend these. In my opinion, these hold plates on the bar just as well as the more expensive Muscle-clamp or Lockjaw collars.

Riley T.
Great for heavy weight

These clips work great. I'm just getting back into working out (I've got a couple herniated discs), but I like to lift heavy. Did some tricep extensions with a barbell dumbbell handle, so the bar was completely vertical and held a 25lbs plate no problem(kept the other 50lbs on the top just in case the clip slipped off I wouldn't have to worry as much about my achilles getting destroyed). Everyone who is complaining about these clips being too tight must not workout a lot lmao. You want it to be tight to hold weight!!! The trick is squeeze with one hand and wiggle the clip on with the other. Everyone complaining about them being too tight really needs to lift more weights. GREAT CLIPS!

Travis W.
great Value

VERY HAPPY WITH THIS CHOICE- THANK YOU! The only consideration is if you use it with a curl bar with 10's. when putting it down the collars may hit the floor before the weights. so i use it with 45's and round collars.

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Athlexic Spring Clip Collar for Gym, Dumbbell Handles, and Body Building