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Claudia G.
Buy these for every bag!

These things are amazing! I regret now not using them for every diaper bag I've ever had, they are 10 times easier than the stroller clips some come with. No clips to buckle and fumble with coming and going while trying to hold your overweight bag up at the same time. It literally takes 2 seconds and is done! They're also much lighter than I was expecting which is great since the bag is heavy enough to begin with! Also super easy to put on. I attached them loosely to start, positioned them where I needed for this bag, and then tightened them up. Velcro seems very secure so they seem on there to stay! Would absolutely recommend it!

Marvin M.

I simply have no words! I ordered these two hooks to place on my stroller. I used them for a short while and I absolutely loved them! They close up securely and hold my baby bag up beautifully! I had a minor issue with one of the hooks and contacted customer service about this. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS UNBEATABLE. extremely friendly and helpful, they shipped out a brand new pair free of charge. I would definitely recommend purchasing this product ESPECIALLY from a seller as helpful and kind as this one. If you ever face any issues, you know that you have the backing from a superior customer service. the new one was shipped out the day I reached out to them, and arrived 2 days later! I am simply amazed!!!! If i would be able to rate this a 10 STAR I would - guaranteed!!! Thank you so much Bagvio for the best customer service. greatly appreciated! Sincerely a Satisfied customer.

Marivic L.
Excellent Product!

I love that the hook attachment has velcro so you can put them on any stroller you want and move them between strollers if you have more than one like me. I hate taking up my basket space with my diaper bag because I need that constantly and then it blocks my access to everything else. This solves my problem! I had my doubts about the open hook being able to keep my backpack attached. However, I've been using them in all manner of situations taking my stroller out with my five year old to sports, play dates, etc and have not had one single problem with the backpack falling off; even when I'm rummaging through the backpack while it's on the hooks. I got a set of these and one of the hooks was a bit loose so I contacted the business owner and asked if there were any tips on tightening this back up as I didn't think that it would last long with bearing the weight of my diaper backpack. They sent me a new set right away and both of those hooks are nice and tight so it must have just been a fluke in manufacture. Great product!

Toni B.
good solution

These are very good and strong hooks. I would almost buy more except for my stroller has very skinny parts where I wrap the velcro around (bumbleride indie) and they don't close tight enough. They slide back and forth. It is not a huge issue, but every time I attach my diaper bag (jujube bff) I have to slide them around and then they stay in place with the bag's weight. I sometimes also hang a water bottle from them. I would surely recommend these to anyone.

Princess Q.
Perfect size for carrying things. Incredibly useful

Great size. Perfect fit for my hand. My husband and I are both wishing we had bought these sooner. They seem like they will hold up well and last a while. They are pretty light, so I wouldn’t use them for holding up a person or anything, but carrying bags and such is pretty great.

Durrel F.
Easy to attach

Used these with the stroller at Disney. They were easy to attach to the handle, and did not slip. I could move them around to adjust for the different bags that were having to be hauled. They were perfect for shopping bags, but not as great for use with the diaper bag. The diaper bags straps were a little thick for it, and there's not a way to keep it from coming off the front of the hook. I wish there was a little catch on the front to keep everything from slipping off, but other than that it got the job done. I love how you can move them to the sides with the velcro strap and that they swivel out of the way when not in use. Very sturdy, and can hold a lot- to the point that the stroller wants to tip. These were handy and useful.

Diane W.
Mainly Grocery Bag Hauling

We keep these in the back compartment of our vehicle. All stores use the paper thin grocery/merchandise bags. So that always means multiple bags to get everything inside the house. Rather than trying to hold multiple bags in each hand, these clips allow the bags to be sorted by size/weight to distribute the load to facilitate getting them inside the kitchen. So far have not had any issues with bag handles tearing during usage.

Marian D.

My fingers do not hurt from bringing in the shopping bags with these large hooks. They are absolutely fantastic and are so durable looking and feel as if I could carry a lot of weight with them and my fingers would not go numb or even hurt like they did when I carried a lot of bags in my hands. Thanks for such a marvelous product. I am close to 65 and arthritis bothers my hands and with these hooks I am pain free

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