Steria Scrapbooking Tweezers | Curved and Straight Tip Tweezers, Set of 2



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Richard P.
Great tweezers. I recommend them.

Bought these tweezers mainly to use for iPhone repairs. Received them and everything is there. They're great quality and they seem like they'll be useful for my repairs. Great for everyday us as well.

Melody E.
Great crafting tweezers.

These tweezers are great. They were put to use right away in doing delicate and complex crafting. They arrived on time and in good condition and are s described by the seller. The tweezers have a fine point and designed to work with delicate items in a substantial way and are easy to manipulate.

Gregory D.
Great purchase

I purchase these tweezers for my new career as a lash tech since the pair I received from training was so dull. These tweezers are perfect for a beginner lash tech. They’re very sharp for easy lash pickup and isolation. The tweezers tips are pointed which makes it much easier to pick up small objects. I will order another pair in a few months so I can have two good pairs of lash tweezers sets. If that makes sense

Chad S.
Very handy to have in a work shop and many other applications

Got them today and put them right to use. They come in handy when servicing and restoring sewing machines to get cleaning cloth or string around metal rods and to pick out lint, thread, etc.

Jessica A.
Alignment good and easy to use

Easy to use and comfortable grip. It takes little effort to do delicate work. I am a beader and picking up small things is important. These tweezers are perfectly aligned and easy on my hands.

Steffany N.
Excellent Value

I'm an artist forging into a new realm for me, that of jewelry-making. Who knew that some of those elements can be extremely tiny?! I've worked with stained glass with intricate designs but didn't really know what I was getting into in designing custom charm lockets and learning Steampunk, working with itsy bitsy elemental bits, charms, crystals, etc. Frustrating work without these tweezers, even for a petite person with small hands like mine. Highly recommend these. Excellent value for a set of two.

Jackson J.
Great for projects

I needed a set of tweezers to hold small pieces while working on models and other projects. These work great for that.

Lindsay W.
Product as described - useful for craft & light jewelry work.

Not the most expensive set in the world but adequate & suitable for my "beginner level" jewelry work.

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Steria Scrapbooking Tweezers | Curved and Straight Tip Tweezers, Set of 2