Nozti 2 pcs Weight Ankle Wrap for Exercise & Boxing Training | 6 kg Max Loading



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Jack T.
Muscle building

My doctor asked me to buy ankles weights to wear for work because of my bad knees to build muscle strength. So far wearing them is great but adding weight to bad knees can cause stress on the legs causing leg/thigh cramps be sure to drink plenty of water

Richard W.
Surprisingly comfortable

They do take a minute to get used to but after awhile, you don't even notice them. They really are just a basic ankle weight but I am starting to notice a difference after wearing for almost 2 weeks. I wouldn't wash these in a washer, I just do mine by hand and let them air dry. Easily adjustable and they don't easily fall off or come loose.

Riley T.
Worth to try!

A gift for my “gym fan” friend. He loves it. Adjustable weight, can be use on ankles or waists. It works great for him anyway. I believe it’s worth to try if you want build up your body at home.

Anton Y.
Quality product competitively priced.

This is a nice product. I couldn't decide on the specific weight to choose but no worries. With this set, you can easily remove weights to adjust for your specific needs. I also like the extra-long double Velcrostrap. And the price was very competitive. I'm happy with my purchase.

Travis W.
Muscle help

These ankle weights helped me to take leg day workouts to the next level. I incorporate them in my workouts twice a week and love the fact that they are comfortable and adds the extra weight to help me reach my goals of building muscle.

Steve D.
These are great. Especially considering the price

These are great. Especially considering the price. A little bulky. But you can't the more compact metal bars for this price. The long double Velcro straps are very secure.

Travis B.
To big for my wrists, but worked great as ankle weights.

I really like having the ability to adjust the weight as needed and it was simple to do. I also like the durability along with how well these weights stay in place whether you are just doing left lifts or running.

The Velcro while durable, is easy to adjust. The description says you could use these for the wrists as well but my wrists are pretty small and they were too big for me to comfortably use them like that.

Chad j.
Great Way to Work Out at Work

So these are great! I was looking for a set of ankle weights to wear at work so I could get some working out done while walking and sitting at my desk and these are perfect. The material is durable but soft and not scratchy. The Velcro is super strong and the they are the perfect weight without being too heavy. I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a pair of ankle weights!

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Nozti 2 pcs Weight Ankle Wrap for Exercise & Boxing Training | 6 kg Max Loading