Vixen Stroller Hooks, Bag Hanger & Shopping Bag Clip 2pcs



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Eli M.
Very useful hooks. Thanks a lot!

These are super useful especially when I’m at the grocery store and traveling. Easy to put on/take off the stroller. Great stroller hooks to carry my diaper bag and shopping bags. Now my fingers don’t feel like they’re getting chopped off by all the bags.

Michael J.
Small clip, versatile Velcro straps!

Using this for water bottles to be clipped to the stroller. Great, versatile size!

Pamela M.
These things are a lifesaver for me!

I don’t have a stroller in my life, but I use these for other things. I’m glad the set comes with 2 because I use both.

I keep one always attached in the car to hang my purse on when the passenger seat is occupied (in my car, the passenger seat was the only good place within reach that I could put my purse where it won’t fall over and spill). I can clip my purse in with one hand, but I need two hands to unclip it, so I might remove the little silver clip lever and leave just the open black hook part there. That way I can always place and remove my purse with only one hand.

I also have one in my big reusable tote bag that I bring water, fruit, books, and other things in when I ride the bus. Then if it’s a long bus ride (and the seat next to is occupied), I velcro the clip to the bar in front of me and clip in my purse and my big reusable tote. It’s nice not having to keep both of those on my lap during the whole long bus ride (my reusable tote tends to be pretty heavy).They are very easy to remove and place again, yet they can hold a lot of weight!

Bonna S.
Great stroller clips

My diaper bag came with stroller straps, but they’re a pain really because you have to loop them on every time and the actual clips are tiny. Makes things difficult if you’re like me and already juggling 4 year old twins and a seven month old. These stroller straps were just what I needed. I leave them attached to my stroller all the time and quickly clip on my diaper bag in like 2 seconds. So great. And they appear to be durable and are holding up well so far after a couple months use. Would recommend it.

Jessica A.
Handy little clasps

Makes the stroller a little more convenient

Richard A.
Use to attach bag to rollator

Use these to attach the bag to my rollator.

Steffany N.
Item came as expected and seemed durable!

Just arrived today and in good condition. Fast delivery, it came as expected. Item true to its description. I will have to observe if this is sturdy enough.

Amber M.
Don't buy a giant hook, buy these.

No bulking like my giant hook. This was perfect for my folding stroller. Never get in the way.

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Vixen Stroller Hooks, Bag Hanger & Shopping Bag Clip 2pcs