Wonicy Submersible Water Pump | Ultra Quiet Mini Fountain for Fish Tank, Pond & Rockery | UE Plug

Wattage: 3 watts


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Adrian D.
Works well in my sump

I have had this running as an accessory pump in my saltwater sump. I've had it for a few months and it works well. Quiet and puts out the water it says.

Allan P.
Great pump, a little too good for my fountain

I bought this for my outdoor fountain. It works really well, it actually worked so well the water flowed faster than I wanted. So I bought another weaker,one with slower flow, but kept this one for some future use.

Michael F.
Simple and to the point!

I was using a higher turnover pump before , which worked well I bought this as a replacement for a sicce pump that went out. I'm using as my transfer pump for water changes as well as my backup in case my main return pump goes out. So far it's been a great pump. The only complaint is the stock fittings didn't fit any of my hoses so I had to replace my tubing. looking forward to years of use.

Sabrina P.
Just what I needed.

When you need to move some water from A to B you need something that can suck it up and move it out. If your water is fairly clean, then this will work well. No floats to deal with, just plug it in and it goes. Had for a week, ran nonstop,just wish I had put a discharge hose on it.

Jane S.
Works well & quietly

Works well & quietly. Pumps the vertical distance advertised. Pumps dirty water (waste water from laundry machine).

Melody E.
good for the price

I used to run a Mag Drive 1200 pump for my saltwater fish tank. It's powerful but due to the high electric bill I gave this Fringe pump a try. Although it delivers about 25% less water to a height of 5 feet, it's easy to install, very quiet, and supposed to use 40 Watts less electricity. So far so good.

Damiel S.
Does the job just fine

Used this pump to power a 8 inch spillway waterfall to my pond. Working against a 5 foot lift on 10 feet of 3/4 inch hose in closed in a filter box ,runs nice. No hiccups or noise at all. Doesn’t even bother my goldfish lol. Been running continuously for 2 weeks straight as of this review. Will buy again

Lester H.
stronger pump

this was definitely a stronger pump than comes with the k40 laser cutter/engraver, pushes a lot more water and fast a bit much for the small laser tube that comes with the k40 but the water stays cooler when running for long periods of time, the pump itself is on the heavy side even for the small pump that i bought so no suction cup feet were not needed for how i use it , would buy again if i ever need a replacement

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Wonicy Submersible Water Pump | Ultra Quiet Mini Fountain for Fish Tank, Pond & Rockery | UE Plug