DrawBee 33 Pcs Professional Art Kit with Charcoal and Graphite Pencils for Drawing



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Robin P.
Great Art Supplies

I like to dabble in pencil and colored pencil mediums when drawing. This set caught my eye in finding something that had what I wanted. I got in in the mail a few days ago and it was perfect. I'm happy that it's small and compact so I can take it while traveling. Anyone who is looking for an art kit like this. I recommend you buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Pamela M.
Product was exactly as described, even better.

My daughter spends most of her time drawing and takes her drawings on the road. This art kit is perfect for her. It has everything she needs to do at home or on the road. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is into drawing or for a gift for an artist.

Bonna S.
I absolutely love this kit - everything I need to sketch

I absolutely love this kit - everything I need to sketch. I bought this as a gift and eventually decided to keep it for myself. This pencil set comes with 32 total pieces. All that I require for my sketches. The case is really good to keep all the stuff organized and safe.

Eli M.
Excellent kit!!

This kit really helps express my artistic side of my life. I'm not the best at drawing, and normally only draw with a number 2 mechanical pencil. I used to have a smaller kit around 7 years ago, but it got lost. I'm glad to have purchased this product, because it has made me feel more professional and now I have an arsenal of tools to express myself. Anything that I could possibly want, with the exception of a white highlight, is all here. Honestly, the pencils seem very sturdy wood wise and graphite wise, which in the past caused me to only want to draw with mechanical pencils. Also, the customer service has contacted me twice to make sure I was happy with my purchase with no contact on my part to them. I hope you all have as much fun as I will at diving into your own world and expressing the world you see!

Steffany N.
Top Notch Quality Art Supplies!!!!!

Being a photorealistic pencil artist, I am constantly in need of new pencils. Not just any ordinary pencils but top quality pencils with a strong lead and they have to be comfortable. Sadly, the qualities of many of the pencil brands I have used in the past have gone downhill. I have even disappointed...until now!!! I ordered the DrawBee Sketch Set and I must say they are AMAZING!!! The set has everything I need including a really nice case. The pencils are amazing, they are strong, comfortable, and the graphite is smooth, easily blendable, and produces really nice tones. I have decided to use this kit exclusively - I am that happy with them. Thank you so much DrawBee for creating a top-notch quality product that this artist has fell in love with.

Michael J.
Great starter set that has more

I recently bought the DrawBee 32pcs drawing set for my 15-year-old daughter. She has been dabbling in art for a few years now and started taking a drawing class at school for which she needed a pencil and charcoal set. After bringing this set to her drawing class, she had several classmates and even her teacher asks where she got it. She’s able to draw, shade, and sharpen with the best of them. Nicely made carrying case and more than enough variety for beginner to advance. The product seems of high quality to last through the school year and beyond.

Sarah W.
Nice Price for a Quality Product

As a professional artist it isn't easy to find a quality product that suits your needs. I recently lost my last pencil case (well over $150 of charcoal, pencils, &, etc. ) So I went shopping and after much comparison, I chose this. It's not everything I had in my last case. But it is a really nice foundation for me to rebuild on.

Michael D.
The case is very handy and love that you can use it as a stand

I use to draw a lot years ago and now that I'm retired and have some extra time on my hands I decided to pick it up again. Always believed that if you want to do quality work you need quality materials. This set really fits the bill. Has everything I could possibly need plus some. I have only used a few of the items in the set so I only feel right giving it 4 stars. The case is very handy and loves that you can use it as a stand.

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