Oralax 360° Automatic Ultrasonic Toothbrush with LED Light

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Ivy G.
Best toothbrush ever

I am in love with this product. I have always struggled with finding the right toothbrush and not brushing too hard and missing spots. This has helped me in knowing how much pressure to brush and getting every single spot not missing anything. I love this toothbrush and wished it existed when I was a little child.

Kurt A.
Great idea!

I have a mentally handicapped son and he is not good at brushing his teeth so we decided to try this. So far it is a great improvement in getting his teeth clean. It takes a little time for us to line up the mouthpiece correctly but I suspect if you were using it on yourself it would be a lot easier. He likes it, it cleans his teeth much better and so it makes my job easier when helping him. I would recommend this for disabled and elderly people who need a little extra help.

Sheena R.
Great for whitening

I feel like this light is a great addition to regular brushing. I have bad staining from coffee and tea and I feel like this light brusher has helped diminish the stains a little in the time I have had it. I still regular brush and then use it as an addition. I need a smaller one for my 4yo with teeth brushing sensory issues. It is easy to use and I like the different pulses that can be picked.

Therese W.
Cool toothbrush

Just got it yesterday. I’ve used it twice so far... so far I love it. I put it in my mouth and move it side to side just to make sure it’s truly bruising! It vibrates and has whitening light. Not sure if it whitens yet as I just got it, but I do think my teeth look a little whiter already!

Ivory C.
I was pleasantly surprised

When I bought this I figured it was the next evolution in brushing but after using it a few times I was convinced it wasn't doing anything and was a waste of money. Since I had paid for it I treated it like a science experiment and continued using it till my next dental appointment. I did keep on using my sonic but I wanted to see if the dentist noticed a change. I was shocked when he said "your teeth are really clean. I don't need to do much scraping". I have also noticed that my teeth are whiter. It really doesn't feel like it’s doing much but the proof is in the dentist reaction so I going to continue using it.

April W.
Feels great!

Feels great and very convenient, go about and do other things while it vibrates your teeth and gums. Your mileage may vary, but my teeth feel clean and the increased circulation and mouth massage from the vibration seems to be very relaxing.

Apple L.
Should have bought this years ago!

I have wanted to buy one of these for a while but didn’t want to spend the money. When my electric toothbrush broke I decided to buy a nicer one. This one was priced so well I had to try it. I used it the day it came. It was already charged! It works great. Just after the first use, my teeth felt so clean! And it’s so easy! You put it in your mouth and you can use your hands to do other things. It shuts off after 45 seconds! So easy!

Karl C.
A new addition to my oral hygiene

I like the simplicity of the product. Doesn't brush the tongue and cheeks which I normally do and want to continue to do. I probably will still brush with a traditional toothbrush first thing in the AM, but use this product throughout the rest of the day after meals and as a quick touch up. Super-fast and easy, although you do look kind of dorky with the handle hanging out of your mouth when in use.

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