Furrie 3D Fish Plush Cat Pet Toy | Fish Catnip Simulation Toy

Type: Crucian Carp


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Barbara J.
Cat adores it!

It’s a great toy. It’s exactly like the picture, very well-made and big! My cat loves it, it’s never too far away from him. The catnip inside seemed fresh too, because even I could smell it, especially when I just took it out of the package. Great buy!

Erick S.
It works

Cat ignored it for a little while, then went bananas attacking it. I don't see him play with it much now, but we find it in the strangest places (he carries it around).

Melissa R.
Best cat toy on the planet (according to my three)

I made the mistake of getting only one, not knowing if they would play with it because it's a stuffed animal and I have never given them large stuffed toys and we all know how picky cats can be with their toys. I recently just went and bought two more because I literally had all three of them fighting over this thing, I am pretty sure it had to do with the cat mint in it, however they have toys with cat mint in them and they don't react like this, so this must be some really potent stuff. I highly recommend this toy they play with it constantly.

Cory D.
The cats actually play with them!

Bought these for my two cats who have very different ideas of what makes a fun toy. The little old girl hopped right on and start flipping and kicking them. The huge younger girl took her time sniffing and examining them. Then all of a sudden she had the big one clutched to her belly and was kicking it with her back feet. Cat and fish survived the battle which has continued on a daily basis. The third one went to my sister’s cat, another large girl. She doesn’t usually play with anything within the first few hours. This was the exception. Pounced, rolled, kicked, picked it up and ran off with it. So OK! Approved by a panel of three!

Jolie L.
Cats love them

Not sure about durability, but my cats love them. They have held up so far under some pretty intense play, biting and kicking. I could smell the catnip on them when I got them, so they were pretty fresh.

Avery C.
Probably have lazy cats

My cat sniffed it for a while and then set to biting, kicking and rubbing it on her face. We've left them in the main area and they aren't a big hit during the day but when one is feeling frisky they will tussle with it for a bit. My laziest and oldest cat has NO interest in such toys. But my other 2 do, especially the youngest. Cute size for most cats.

Chenny P.
Kitty loves them

Our kitty loves playing with these. She was more excited about them when we first got them, but now they lay around in her play area and when she feels like it, she'll grab, bite, and bunny-kick with these. I think they look really cute and adorable, like real fish! Very soft and squishy.

Aurora S.
My cat immediately gave it a kicking

My cat immediately went to town on this thing straight out the box. She’s usually a pretty lazy old female (16 or 15 yrs. young) but when she gets around certain toys her kitten side comes back and she tears things up. It’s like she had some pent up anger out of nowhere and the fish was there in her time of need. She was kicking, tearing and biting at it. It will give your cat that extra enrichment it needs, especially if your cat lives the boring indoor lifestyle.

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Furrie 3D Fish Plush Cat Pet Toy | Fish Catnip Simulation Toy