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Matilda G.
Beginner friendly eyelashes

I wear these out when I want to look fabulous! I have trouble putting on glue eyelashes but these are so much easier to use. You just draw a line and gently let them magnetize themselves. love them and I will definitely purchase again.

Charity B.
Looks natural!

These are super easy to put on. I’ve never used Magnetic eyelashes before so for a first timer I had no trouble. They were a little big and long for me so I just looked up on YouTube how to trim them and they fit perfectly.

Happy C.
Long durability and easy application!!!

The eyelashes are wonderful, the application is very easy and the smell is very amazing!!! I used it all night and I had no problems! One tip is to cut the ends to suit your eye and try not to make the eyeliner to thin! It’s easy to remove with makeup remover and then just put it back in the box to use again and again!!!!

Lesley L.
Beautiful lashes

Very beautiful lashes but I'm so not used to applying them. It'll take me a while to get used to putting them on.

Jessa B.
Simple and easy to use.

These are amazing! I love how simple they are to use and that they last all day long! These lashes were super easy to apply, I struggle with glue on falsies and these went on like a dream. The only downfall I found was that if you don’t let the liner dry all the way the magnet on the lash will pull the liner up and it will look a little funky. The plus side is you can take the lashes off, add more liner, let dry, and reapply unlike glue on falsies there is no buildup of glue or a need to remove the liner.

Roselyn R.
Love the simplicity and great look

I wanted to try magnetic eyelashes. This product didn't disappoint. At first, I was skeptical because many products promise to be great. The instructions and usage were very easy. I really like it and would recommend it to others who like the look but don't like the hassle.

Patricia B.
Great Product, easy to use and great price! I recommend this product!!

This was my first time ever buying eyelashes and I wanted to buy something that I thought would be easy for me to use and put on. So when I saw the words Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner kit, I figured it would be easy for me to use and especially put the eyelashes on because it's magnetic. I thought to myself, I know how to put eyeliner on but I wasn't too sure how to put eyelashes on. I am so glad that I decided to purchase this because it is easy to use and take off for beginners like me. The only thing I have to do was cut the lashes a little bit so it fit my eyes, other than that all is good.

Kyla J.
Save Some Money

These are a good investment. I go through regular lashes like crazy and can't seem to keep them in once place. I somehow always seem to lose one out of the pair and end up throwing lashes away. I ordered these and they arrived quickly. They were super easy to put on and mess-free. They feel comfortable throughout the day and are lightweight. I would buy again.

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