FitArmour UV Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves for Men & Women

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Michael S.
Good buy for working people with tattoos

I got these a pair of these sleeves in beige and black specifically to cover my tattoos on my arms for work. They stretch really well and go up to my entire arm. They're really comfortable and convenient for my needs. The black has full coverage, but the beige does have sufficient if not full coverage of my tattoos. You can see my darkest ones through it, but it covers them enough to be acceptable for work.

Daniel G.
Sun and Fun

I have found this cooling arm sleeves great for any outdoor activity in the sun. I play a fair amount of golf and I love wearing these sleeves. I have complete freedom of motion and most of all I am protected from UV rays. I almost forgot to mention they are a great value for the price.

Jerwin L.
Great for covering tattoos and keeping cool

I brought this product because I needed to cover up my arm tattoos while at work outside in the heat. I've tried other similar products that either is so thin that you can still see the design, fell down my arm halfway through the day, or are itchy and uncomfortable. The first thing I noticed when I first tried this product on is that it was much longer than other products I use, which helps cover more of the arm without riding up. I generally do have long noodly arms so a lot of times I spend time yanking the sleeves in place. I suspect over time they will wear down and stretch out and fall because that is the way of the world, but for now, it is the best arm covers I have ever dealt with. I would purchase it again. Whenever these get old and worn from constant use I will probably buy from this company again.

Joseph O.
Good Product, Good Value

I bought these for keeping the sun and bugs off my arms while golfing. They are comfortable, promote evaporative cooling, provide a modicum of compression, and do not interfere with my swing. The quality seems to be quite good, as advertised. Shipping was quick. I have nothing negative to say about them, hence 5 out of 5 stars.

Ludwig H.
Good for sun protection

I use these sleeves for commuting because I get a good 2 hrs of SoCal sun on my left side. I've used them for about a week and they're great in terms of sun and temperature. The elastic is a bit irritating on the inside of my bicep after 2 hours, but maybe I'll get used to it eventually. I wash them in a delicate bag and hang dry. All in all, a solid product.

Louie P.
Very comfortable

I ordered these seamless arm sleeves mainly to protect my arms from abrasions. The older I get the thinner my skin, every bump turns into a red mark or bleeding. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable these are on my arms, even my upper arms. If you are buying them for the warmth you have the wrong product. I will try them out this summer for a sun protectant.

Andie J.
Exactly what I was looking for

The Arm Sleeves fit well. It is a bit snug on my upper arms. I feel it will stretch with time. The sleeves are light, comfortable & easy to put on. They block well from the sun & very affordable. I would definitely purchase it again.

Edison F.
For more than tattoo coverage!

I bought these to wear with my uniform to help protect my frail skin at work, as well as cover unsightly scars. They do the job nicely. A bit challenging to learn to put them on smoothly, but I have mastered it. I've gotten compliments on how they add to the neat appearance of my uniform. Not having to wear the bulk of another shirt under my uniform has been a blessing. They are quite snug but have amazing stretch and comfort. I highly recommend these sleeves.

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