Xebok Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag

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Mark H.
This is handy.

I've only used this bag a handful of times, experimenting with different amounts and weights of things I put in it. So far, the bag has proven to be very handy. The bag has not sagged/distorted very much under the substantial weight of things I've loaded into it, it seems tough enough for casual use, and using it has not appreciably affected the weight/balance of my hybrid bike. As another reviewer has noted, the zipper is not easily closed with one hand but I stop my bike before I unzip/zip up the bag. The bag is very easily installed/uninstalled. A good product at a good price.

Jarred G.
Just what I was looking for

I just bought a Schwinn Standpoint mountain bike for women. I wanted a triangle storage pouch for my keys, glasses, wallet and phone, but I had a hard time finding one with the correct dimensions to fit the awkward-shaped frame. The only other bag I thought might work was twice the price, so I opted for this one. The size fits the frame well. It seems sturdy, water resistant and the zipper is smooth to open and close. This is large enough to fit what I want to carry, but not much more. I can’t speak to longevity because I just got it, but it seems like a good quality bag.

Ken R.
Way Better than Anticipated

I needed some storage to handle routine commuting and short trips, but I was low on cash, so I picked up one of these budget-friendly frame bags. I admit that my expectations were low, despite the favorable reviews. Man was I wrong. This bag somehow manages to be slim and unobtrusive yet handles a ton of stuff. What's more, the build quality is such that I'm not at all worried about it falling apart on me, and I'm pretty hard on my gear. I like it so much that I'm planning to buy another one for my other bike.

Robin W.
Durable and Spacious

The straps are durable and don't move when the bike's in motion...even over rocky terrain. The pack provides a lot of storage space to help keep items on your body. As a side note: it easily fits a full-frame handgun in the event that you need to carry personal protection when you ride. The overall construction of the pack is excellent. I foresee using this thing for several years before having to replace it.

Nothing really. Although it's worth mentioning, make sure you measure your bike before purchasing this pack. Some bikes may not have enough space between the frame rails to fit the pack into.

Samuel R.
Weight vs Wind Resistance

I ride my road bike up and down the Pacific coast. I recently purchased a rain jacket to keep dry in fog and mist in the early morning. Unfortunately, when folded, it's too large for the pockets in my jerseys. So I purchased the triangle bag to stow my rain jacket when I no longer need it. When I began shopping for a bag that would hold a light-to-mid-weight jacket, the only bags large enough to handle the job were handlebar mounted. I ride in an area with some pretty strong headwinds - 7 to 15 mph. If you frequently ride in a windy environment and need a storage device, consider that weight will be far less important than wind resistance. I estimate that a handlebar bag would bring my speed down by 1 to 2 mph - a killer. The large size triangle bag was the only design that (1) is large enough to accommodate a mid-weight rain jacket, and (2) has minimal aerodynamic impact on performance. My jacket fits snugly inside and I only sacrifice a bit of speed.

Chris M.
Good value for the money

For the price, a great frame bag for daily commuting. The size is big enough to hold a phone, wallet, keys and a couple more things. It does interfere with a vertical bottle cage though. Water resistance seems adequate but not great. I'd probably get something larger and more waterproof for serious tours.

Joey D.
Good solution to cover your electric bike battery.

Ok, so this wasn't the way it was intended to be used, but it works well. For those of us riding electric bikes, the battery is a giveaway. It screams "take me!" So I purchased this to cover the dolphin style battery on my Radwagon cargo bike. I had to cut out the bottom of the bag, but it now does a terrific job of hiding the battery and making the bike look more conventional.

Marvin M.
I love this bag.

Great inexpensive option for carrying things cycling without a backpack. The longer design keeps it nice and stable and centered even while mountain biking rough terrain, and you can fit quite a bit in here. My daily haul is a spare tube (MTB so it's big), tire levers, mini air pump (not co2), a small towel and some tissues, and my hex/allen wrenches. And there's still space for extra things like chapstick, first aid items, or even a basic small water bottle. I trimmed the straps so they don't flare out and I haven't had a single issue with the velcro. Also the mesh side is great for things you want access to, be it a phone, or hand warmers for cold weather, or pepper spray if you ride in dangerous areas.

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