Exeleos Waterproof Handlebar Bicycle Bag | Phone Holder Front Frame Bag with Touchscreen

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Daniel G.
Fits well, easy to remove top piece which is Velcro attached

This fits tight against the bike, with no movement and the top piece with phone inside is Velcro and easily removed. This has a great price point, easy to install and seats itself well. Really enjoying this purchase

Michael J.

Absolutely love this bag! Fantastic bag for putting keys,wallet and other articles in! The bag stays nice and flush and doesn’t move while on bumpy, country roads. This bag doesn’t interfere with pedaling or accessing your water bottles.

Richard A.
Love it....

I love it.. This was exactly what I was looking for. It's spacious and has three separate compartments with some room in the top compartment that you keep your phone in but not much other than maybe your wallet or something smaller. I was hoping to put a battery pack charger in with the phone itself. Perhaps in one of the compartments either in the phone compartment or one of the sides but I have a blackweb 7 X 10,000 MWh power bank and it was too big to fit in and have my phone plugged into it at the same time but if you had a smaller one I am sure it would work fine it was just barely enough to fit it into it but other than that I am completely happy with it. It's made well and doesn't stick out too much but when you are standing up on your bike and powering down to make it up a hill it can be in the way other than that it's perfect. I was halfway expecting that it might do that anyway knowing how I ride so that for me wasn't much of an issue that I wasn't prepared for before I got it.

Michael D.
Fits my GENESIS bike

A little wobblier than I expected. I recommend to ad a solid, flat fixture to the phone Velcro mount that tends to adapt to the frame's tubular shape. Excellent capacity and phone pouch – I could fit wrenches, screw drivers, etc. easily, and I still have room for more stuff.

Sam J.
Handy, neat and tidy, and easy to use.

I picked this up for a mountain bike that I’m doing some road cycling with, too. It has plenty of room for an inner tube, a multi tool, some minor first aid items, and my phone. Love it, especially the fact that the phone compartment Velcro’s off to stay with me if I park the bike somewhere. I recommend it.

Sam J.
Narrow round vs wide & flat. Gravity wins

A wide, flat Velcro surface (for the cellphone case) on top of a narrow, rounded patch makes for a small contact patch. The cellphone (and velcroed phone carrier) like to tilt left or right.

I will be slightly modifying the top tube part of the saddle bags to make it a more stable and secure mount area for the phone carrier.

Jerwin L.
Great little carrier!!

I needed a safe way to carry my phone, but this came with a little bonus storage, too! I can carry a snack, my phone, and keys/ID easily and securely. Highly recommended!

Joseph O.
Great product, shipped quick!

The phone holder was a little tough to get the phone case figured out but it's great. My wife definitely makes fun of it.

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Exeleos Waterproof Handlebar Bicycle Bag | Phone Holder Front Frame Bag with Touchscreen