Cuppy Calming Faux Fur Donut Cuddler Bed for Dog & Cat | Washable Round Pillow | Gray

Diameter: 40cm


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Crystal B.
Five Stars

This bed is amazing! SOOOOO SOFT and very well made. My dogs love this bed!

Cyndi P.
My dog loves these beds!

I bought two of these large donut beds for my dog. We came home the other day to find that his retina had detached and while he doesn't thankfully have glaucoma, his eyesight is getting a lot worse. He used to have other dog beds that he would only use to sleep in, and after his eyesight problem. he just started sitting on the ground and staring sadly into space.

We bought two - one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Now he just happily cuddles with these all day. I'm so happy that this purchase has improved his little dog life. He loves these more than any bed he's ever had. Very happy with this purchase!

These also both look trendy as opposed to other dog beds. We don't have to hide them when we have company.

Cyndi P.
Like a furry cloud!

Sooooo soft & comfy! My dog is about 32 pounds and she has plenty of room for stretching out.

Mike M.
My dog loves his bed

My dog loves his bed. My sister thought it was super expensive but the price is very resonable for the quality.

Quynh N.
My dog never gets on the couch anymore

This is just what I was hoping, a snuggly bed with back and sides for getting cozy. The faux fur is so soft and plush, it looks like a chic accessory on our living room rug. It’s extra cute to see my furry doggy in a furry bed! My dog LOVES it. At first I thought he would destroy it because he was biting and licking it, but he relaxed and now just sleeps in it. Don’t know how it holds up to washing or time, as we’ve only had it a few weeks.

Darreee H.
Cat approved.

I’ve avoided shaggy/fur beds because they can be a pain to clean and I’m not keen on the aesthetic, but I needed to bribe my cats with something to keep them off my pillows. I read the reviews and I was pretty sure my tabby cat who is 12 lbs (and also the worst pillow offender) would like it.

Sure enough! I unpackaged the darn thing and noticed a few things right off the bat:

- Quality. It looks much nicer than I expected. I’ll admit that I thought this would look like a cheap Davy Crockett hat, but that’s not the case. Also, the whole thing is washable.

- Soft and fluffy: This bed is very thick and and luxurious. You’ll read more below, but it’s an awesome option for cats that are always looking for warmth or like mine, are a little older and enjoy laying on something soft.

- Size. This is big enough for both my cats (one is 12 lbs and the other is 16). I often find them sharing the bed and man they they generate a lot of heat in this thing and stay very toasty. Although it’s large enough for both of them, it’s not overly large. As much as I catch them laying in it together, I also catch them enjoying this independently of one another.

- My cats took to it immediately. As soon as I got this bed, I threw it on the ground and sat them inside. Normally they’d jump out right away (and be a little indignant), but in this instance they made zero attempt to move. They sleep on it everyday since it’s arrived.

Overall, it’s a win-win. Cats love it and now I don’t get hair all over my pillows and blankets.

Judy R.
I saw one of the questions that asked if a ...

I saw one of the questions that asked if a border collie would fit in the large bed. The answer is yes! Our boarder collie loves her new bed and our Jack Russell even curls up in it with her! (Even though he has his own bed) this is a very soft and cozy bed.

Brianna K.
I'm incredibly happy with this bed

I have to say, I'm incredibly happy with this bed. I have a 6 month old beagle/hound mix and he absolutely loves it. Keeping him off the couch when we're not in the living room was a bit of a challenge, but with this bed he has zero interest in going on any of the furniture unless it's to lay with us. He sleeps in it all the time- He's sleeping in it as I write this! Also, the bed is way more durable than I had expected. The pup loves to chew on soft things and he eats through his plush toys like they're snacks. This bed has been super resistant to any tearing whatsoever - we've had it about a month now and it doesn't have a single rip in it though he has certainly tried. One last thing - so far we've had to wash it one time due to an accident. Not only was the mess contained in the bed, but it washed right out without wearing the bed at all. Cold water, gentle cycle and a low heat tumble dry - it came out just like new! I'd highly recommend this bed for anyone looking to get their pooch something comfy that will last.

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Cuppy Calming Faux Fur Donut Cuddler Bed for Dog & Cat | Washable Round Pillow | Gray