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Janette A.G.
Best Dog Bed Ever!

My Goldendoodle has been through eight beds. All of them have been ruined by her chewing through them or making a mess on them. This bed is cozy and comfortable. She absolutely LOVES it! She made a mess on it a couple of weeks after we got it, but I washed it, and it came out just fine! I bought the large, but I almost wish I had bought the smaller one because the large is HUGE. I'm still very happy with my purchase. She has not chewed through it, as the zipper is well hidden. I'm so glad I finally found a good dog bed that is long lasting!

Jessica A.
Will cause cat and dog fights

I bought the bed for our senior dog because his other bed just wasn't working for him anymore. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a second one because our cat loves the bed too and he doesn't share so well. Lol

Yasin C.
Pet approved

Rocko loves his new bed! The tan is a nice light color with a grayish undertone. Actually looks nice and not like a cheap fleece or Sherpa. And Rocko loves it. It kind of bubbles up around his back and his head can rest on the bolstered side. Great quality bed, great price!

Ayana E.
The most comfortable dog bed ever

This is the most comfortable dog bed ever. Sometimes, after sitting on my floor to stretch or do yoga, I put my head on this thing and wish I was my dog. Look at how comfortable he looks. He also has this weird habit (from being ignored by his previous owners, I think) of putting his toys in his bed and then flinging the bed around by his teeth, going to collect his toys, and repeating the process. He has ripped several beds doing this strange self-play thing, but this bed has held up for months! Mostly though, he curls up or stretches out in it, and looks like the most peaceful pup on the planet. For reference, he's 18lbs but long and skinny. Also, the color means I see none of his light dog hair all over it - bonus!

Ercan G.

My dogs love love LOVE it!!! I will be purchasing 2 more so they each have their own. It looks so fluffy and comfortable and it’s so so very soft!! My tiny Pomeranian looks like a queen in it!! The smallest size is perfect for her tiny 10 pound body!! My 25 and 30 pound Jack Russells even fit in the smallest size but I will be purchasing the larger one for them. I read some reviews stating that their pets wouldn’t lay in it but my dogs adapted to it right away!! Try washing it and introducing them to it. Once they lay in it they will love it believe me!!! I wish they made human size!! I’m jealous!! 😂 It looks nicer than other dog beds I’ve purchased too! Looks of high quality and looks great with my furniture!! I have not washed it yet but it feels like it would hold up well. Will update once I do wash it. My dogs normally dig in their beds trying to fluff it up and make it more comfortable but they have not had to do that with this one. Absolutely great purchase and great price!!! Definitely recommend this dog bed!!! I have 3 happy dogs now!!!! 🐶😊🐶😁🐶😀

Robin L.M.
Love the bed but may not be the best option for older dogs with joint pain

We were about to welcome a new addition to our family (8 week old Pug) and already have an 11 year old. Our elderly girl has loved her bed for several years but it’s one that requires her to step up into it. Age has brought on joint pain and stiffness so I knew it was time for a change. I started looking for a new bed about a month ago and was really discouraged by the choices. I have a small living area so I needed a bed that would be an adaquate size for 2 pugs yet not so large it seemed out of place. I also wanted the bed to work with my colors and decorating style. I basically wanted a bed that looked like it belonged in the room. And, most importantly, I needed it to be comfortable for my girls. I was glad when I discovered this pet bed. The medium seemed like the perfect size and I loved the color. However, after reading the reviews, I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t offer the cushion and support that my older girl needs.

It arrived today (gotta love Prime 2-day shipping!). Looked a bit scary in its vacuum sealed package but, after opening, it fluffed right up. I expected it to be darker in color, like the photos ... so a bit disappointed. It’s more of an off-white with some grey fibers. I love how soft it is. Our new puppy, who we brought home today, obviously loves the bed. After several minutes of playful flips, flops and rolls, she snuggled down and went to sleep. After her power-nap, it was hard keeping her out of it. My older girl isn’t too partial to change nor was she too keen on sharing sleeping space with a stranger. But, after some gentle coaxing, she stepped in, settled down ... and was out in 2 minutes. Sweet.

My older Pug is 25 pounds and really needs more support than this bed offers. The outer edge is perfectly cushioned but the center is lacking. I would say it’s perfect for puppies, light-weight toy breeds of any age, and any size dog that is younger and doesn’t suffer from joint, hip or spinal problems. Even considering the lack of support, I still love the bed. I’m planning to cut and cover a circular piece of memory foam that will fit perfectly into the bed’s center. This will hopefully give my girl the extra comfort she deserves. It's unfortunate that this wasn't already part of the design. I would have paid more for it.

There is no removable cover so the entire bed must go in the wash. You’ll need a front-loader for this. Some of the reviews claim the bed either fell apart or came out tattered and ratty after being laundered. If this occurs, I’ll be sure to immediately update my review and the 5 stars will drop to 1 (the minimum allowed). The description of the bed states that the bottom is waterproof. The underside (just the center, not the outer wall) has a slick material which seems it may do the job of keeping accidents from penetrating through to the floor. Only time will tell if it works but, hopefully, I’ll never have to find out.

Overall, I think this is a great bed for a decent price. I don’t know if it looks like it belongs in the room, but I think it looks fun and cozy and more attractive than most beds I viewed. I would recommend it to anyone but with one caveat - It may not be the best option for dogs that suffer from joint, hip, or spinal issues.

I’ll update my review if and when my opinion ever changes.

Super soft, great quality easy to look at.

I don't think there's anything I don't like about this cuddly soft bed. As soon as I took it out of its packaging and shook it out, I tossed it on the floor and my Yorkshire puppy lost his mind. He ran and jumped in and out of it several times. Not only has it become his favorite place to snuggle up for a nap.. It's also a place for him to play and have fun. His little toys get somewhat lost inside and it's a game for him to root around and find them again. Extremely high quality as well. You can tell from the stitching this bed is going to last a good long while. Very impressed with the quality for the price. Best New puppy purchase I made. As you can see from the pics, I've got one very content puppy on my hands. He LOVES this bed!

Katherine S.J.
The Only Cat Bed She Ever Immediately Loved

It's starting to get very cold in the bay area California, and we have a few stray cats, so I decided to find a solution to making sure they are nice and warm during the winter. I looked into self heating, igloo type beds, beds that had thin sherpa lining, the cat beds that are rounded at the corners, I even built a cat house and filled with straw.. nothing of these has ever worked as well as this bed. She instantly took to the bed, she looked miserable before the bed, and wow her attitude is much different! She chirped at me and looked happy kneeding the bed with her paws.. her butt was all the way into the creveses on the side and she just looked super comfortable in this cold weather! It's very fluffy and the fluff immediately warms your hand or of course... your cat! So if shes happy, I'm happy!!! 5 stars

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