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Chetan K.
I (and my dog) love this bed!

We just received the bed yesterday and my senior dog (13 years old) loves this bed. He can burrow down in it. It is early but it seems very durable. It is VERY soft and comfy. It is lightweight and I think it will wash well but I will update this review if it doesn't. For reference my dachshund is 23 pound and the bed is more than enough room for him. I ordered a medium because of his longer body but probably could have gotten away with a small. There is enough room for another small dog.

UPDATE: I have now washed the bed twice and it washed perfectly. It came out of the dryer fluffy! We have had several dog beds in the past and they are all good until they are washed. They then matt together and change forms. This did not happen. I highly recommend this bed!

Sheila M.
My dog LOVES this bed!

I’ve been trying to find a comfortable bed for my pug for a long time: she’s 12 years old and isn’t interested in the plain flat beds anymore. I was trying to wait for the deep dish cuddler beds to be restocked in her size but no luck. This bed has great reviews and all of the pictures of happy pets enjoying their beds sold me. I got the medium size bed so she could have some room to stretch out. My girl took to this bed immediately and has been sleeping soundly ever since. Pricey but worth it!

Maria R.
Soft, plush, LOVE IT!

I just received this today and have to say that even though I have only had it for a few hours now, my dog loves it! At first she was not sure what to think of it, but once she realized it was a bed, she crawled in it and she is so relaxed. You can tell from the pictures. She is a 7 pound Chihuahua and I got the small bed, but she has plenty of space to stretch out. The quality of the bed is really nice, it is very soft and plush. It definitely has a lot of cushion. It even came with instructions on what to expect from the supplier, because it is a little flat when you receive it but after about 30 minutes it fluffs up. I have several beds for my fur baby, but I like this one the best of them all! I haven’t washed it or anything yet, but so far, I give this bed a thumbs up, very happy with my purchase!!

Luz R.
Great for Small Dogs

I purchased this concerned the bed would not be filled sufficiently in the middle after reading some of the reviews. However, it came today and I think it's perfect. My dog Bentley absolutely loves it. He thought it was a big toy at first but is now loving how soft and snugly it is. I probably wouldn't recommend this bed for larger dogs since the stuffing is not tight enough to withstand their weight. For smaller dogs it's terrific.

Natalie G.
Best bed my dog has ever had

My 19-year-old mini poodle went for this bed in a big way. Since she was a puppy, I have been looking for the perfect bed for her. She is blind and deaf now and she sleeps a lot. She has two beds in the living room, and since I bought the Luxury Faux Fur Donut Cuddler she ignores the other bed. Other reviews have mentioned that the bottom center is thinner and not as padded as the rest of the bed, but if there is a rug underneath, this is not an issue. My old girl LOVES this bed. She actually snurfles around like her old self, poking her nose into the pocket around the inside rim and pushing into the bolster before settling in. I can't express how happy it makes me that she is so happy. I wanted something super-comfortable and comforting and this is it - We both highly recommend this bed!
For reference: My dog is 12 pounds and I bought the 33" bed. It gives her room to stretch out. ALSO (and this is not an insignificant point with an elderly dog) I have washed it multiple times and it holds up well. So much easier to throw the whole bed into the washer and dryer than to struggle with zippered covers and foam insets. So glad I found this bed.

Marissa M.
It's A Cuddly, Snuggly,

If you need a bed with thick orthopedic foam for an old dog this is not the bed you want. There are plenty of those out there for an old dog that needs that extra padding. (we have two of those) This has a soft padded middle, but not very supportive or firm. I guess you could put a pad under it if you wanted. Our 9 year old 18 lb. Cairn Terrier Elly loves this bed! Everything about this bed is about softness and "nesting" and that is why we bought it for her. The black blob in the last photo is her settled in for a long nap. She gets hot in August even though we have A.C. so she's in and out of it if she gets hot. I think this will see more action when winter comes for sure. Very happy with this bed so far and it is exactly what I expected it would be. I think some folks with negative reviews didn't realize this isn't an ortho type bed. Arrives in a vacuum packed bag, but quickly fluffs out and 10 minutes in the dryer (per instructions) helps and blows the stink off of it I think I'd like one for myself too!

Nikki S.
It’s so Fluffy!!!

Martini gives her new cuddler two Paws up!! From the second we opened it she has been in love with this Bed. She looks so comfy it makes me a little jealous Lol
I think it does get a little hot though because I’ve noticed after a while she keeps getting out of it to lay on the hard cool floor. We live in Florida so the warmth will never be a good thing.
I think this Bed is awesome however other reviews about the middle not having a lot of stuffing is correct. My Maltese is only 6 pounds but if you have a dog with any weight the padding in the middle won’t do anything and it will be like they are laying on the ground.
The small bed is a perfect size with a lot of extra room.
My Maltese is 17” long and has plenty of room in the middle to sprawl out.
She likes to hang her head over the edge and burry her face in the sides.
The white with a grayish black undertone looks very sleek in my home as well.

I did see the Tan one at Tj Maxx and Home Goods for half the price but I really wanted the white one. All of my furniture is white.

Rachel S.

Day one - Grizzy absolutely loves this bed. He is 15 years old and still active. I was hesitant about buying another bed at this stage, but I'm so glad I did. This bed is awesome, cozy, lightweight, washable, and best of all...a winner in the eyes of our precious senior boy. He actually gave lots of kisses of approval (clearly excited) and has fallen asleep in it (snoring!) twice already today. No regrets whatsoever. Update: A couple of weeks later, I'm still very happy with the purchase. Highly recommend!

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