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Aira C.
Results with half the cost!

I really love this lip plumper. I like to compare it to Too Faced Lip Injection Plumper, but better. It has a nice glossy finish instead of being too sheen or iridescent. It gives a good tingle on the lips for plumping but does not burn or irritate the skin. If you’re planning on spending money, for a quality plumper that shows results for a more economical price, this is the one for you!

Virginia L.
Shine and plumpness in one!

New with this product but consider myself familiar with many high-end lines. This item works good, it provides a subtle natural plumping for long wear- very satisfied! I’ve used it every day since I’ve gotten it.

Mae P.
Plumper lips

Luscious and plumper lips! I have been using lip plumpers for 17 years now. I absolutely love this stuff. It’s one of my top 5 favorite lip plumpers and for the price it’s unbelievable. I will definitely be buying again.

Mark W.
The lip plumper really works!

I love my lip plumper. I use it instead of my other lip gloss. It does the job and stays on longer!

Jamaica G.
Love this plumper!

I got this for my thin aging lips. First off, it smells great like a vanilla mint. It's not hot on your lips at all. It takes a few minutes to feel the full impact but it's a cooling/tingling feeling if that makes sense, and it’s actually quite refreshing. Made my lips look and feel better. Not oily or sticky. This is a really great lip plumper that you could wear with lip liner, tint, or lipstick to add color. Overall: A GREAT PURCHASE!

Krisha G.
Feels great!

This had a warm tingly feeling that I really liked! Used it before putting on lipstick and the effect was a lot more noticeable.

Karla G.
Works well

Purchased this plumping lip gloss without much expectation that it would actually work. I figured, at the very least, I'd have a new lip gloss. LOL To my surprise, it did work. Please know, however, you must use it several times a day to see lasting results. When you stop using it, the plumping effect will start to fade. It has a slight vanilla scent. The tingling sensation isn't too strong. Some lip plumping glosses/lipsticks feel like a burning sensation. This one is mild. It works if you use it over your regular lipstick as well. My lips seem to stay fairly hydrated/moisturized as well. I have very dry lips. Usually, once I take off any lipstick or lip balm, my lips go right back to feeling dry and 'peeling'. Since I starting using this product, my lips feel smooth and 'normal'.

Rose H.
I like it

This is my first lip plumper, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It doesn’t give you Kardashian lips or anything, but it does add a small bit of volume. It doesn’t hurt, there’s just a slight tingly feeling that I quickly got used to. It doesn’t last very long, especially if you’re eating or drinking. So make sure to bring it with you to reapply. I only use it for nights out. There isn’t a whole lot in the tube, so it’s not good for daily wear or you’ll quickly run out.

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