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Glaiza H.
Worth the extra time making the bed

I can't stand wrinkles in my bedding, and I especially can't stand the corners of a fitted sheet popping off! I got these, and while it does take a little bit more effort to install when changing the sheets, it is so beyond worth it. I've had these for a few months now, they show no signs of wear so far, and I couldn't be happier!

Minda L.
These actually work!

My husband tosses and turns at night and therefore we end up with horrible rumpled covers and sheets that never stay on the bed. It drives both of us crazy. My husband actually ordered these and installed them- they work! We have been using them for 3 weeks with no issues. They have not snapped or randomly come undone. Very please and would highly recommend them!

Martina C.
Keeps the sheet on!

My husband rolls around all night and ends up pulling the fitted sheet off our bed every night, it’s very frustrating. They were easy to attach to the sheet and slip under the mattress. I haven't used them for more than a few weeks so I can't stay how the sheet will hold up to the clamp, but so far I am very happy with them. The sheet hasn't come off the bed once since I started using these clips.

Crissy R.
Keeps the sheet on the bed!

Finally, the sheets will stay on the bed. It was very frustrating to wake up in the night with my sheet bunched around me. That's not a problem any longer! The only thing that I don't like is it's kind of hard to pry it open if you don't have fingernails.

Cassy G.
simple to install and very effective

I sustained a concussion falling down a flight of stairs 6 months ago and have trouble with some daily tasks including making the bed. The bottom sheet would not stay put because I don’t have the strength to tuck it adequately. When these straps arrived I was able to install them on the bottom fitted sheet with no trouble. AND the sheet now stays put all night! Thank you so much for your helpful product!

Jordin B.
It does the job

Got these because our sheets always seem to slip off our king bed. Gotta say they work great and the sheets stay on until I take them off. The only bummer is our mattress is HEAVY so getting them on is tough which is why I only gave four stars. It can be done by one person but much easier with two.

Jelly V.
These work like a charm!

I have a set of sheets that I love that I almost threw out the bottom sheet because I thought it was hopeless. I think that the elastic was never tight enough on the sheet or something, but it always lifted up and I really was really ready to just throw the bottom sheet away and find of a solid sheet to compliment the top sheet. Then I decided to try these and they work 100%! Then I thought I was going to have to lift the whole corner of the mattress to put it on when all I had to do was just lift the corner of the sheet, put the suspenders in place and tuck it back under as you normally would. I only needed to use 2 of the 4 because only the top of the sheet had the problem. If you're on the fence about these don't be. Get them!

Hannah S.
keep the sheets tucked

My sheets were always coming untucked and it didn't matter what I did, the top corners would end up bunched down on the bed at least once a week.

After installing these I haven't had any issues. They were easy to use and I bought a second set for my mattress cover as well. The clips are sturdy and I have been using them for about a month now. When I grabbed the sheets to wash them it didn't look like the material around the clip was distressed.

A fantastic way to spend two extra minutes making your bed once and then never worrying about getting the sheets tucked right again.

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Corage 4pcs Adjustable Crib and Bed Sheet Clips, Sheet Fasteners Holder Straps and Suspende