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Jelly V.
Great set for crafters.

I bought this set for my 8-year-old granddaughter. We found painted rocks on Pinterest and had a great time, collecting, cleaning, and painting our rocks. Nice set with a great selection of colors. Thank you.

Richard W.
Great product for its price

Great product for its price. So far, I have only used these for nail art on my nail and they're really good. I suppose this is the nature of acrylic paint but it dries too fast for my needs and I need to squeeze extra paint when I'm painting on my nails because the paint keeps drying out on my palette.

Hannah S.
Awesome paint!

These paints are awesome! The tubes are very small but I knew this already since I read the description thoroughly before making my purchase. The small size (and price) was perfect for sampling. The colors are very deeply pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. I love these paints! Believe me, when these tubes run out of paint I will definitely be ordering more!

Jordin B.
Highly Recommend

This turned out to be a great product. Basic colors at a super affordable price, perfect for the beginner and great for blending, too. I used them to paint my first set of game figures and they turned out pretty nice! Even included a brush that was a must-have for the details. Good deal!

Cid C.
Excellent value

Very nice set. I used it to paint the "T Birds" logo on the back of my husband's leather jacket. The brushes were surprisingly good. Very good price and a very nice set.

Cassy G.
Like the paints but pretty small.

Lots of vibrant colors but they were a lot smaller than I thought they would be, they won't last long, so taking 1 star off for that. I feel they could be a little larger. Like the paints though.

Victor M.
Nice little acrylic paint set and brushes for the money!

Great little acrylic paint set for the price. I bought it to bring on vacation to paint "kindness rocks" with my grandkids. We had plenty of variety of colors and you only use a little bit of paint so it lasts longer than I thought plus it keeps longer in the tubes. It comes with a brush too so it ended up being a gift too for my grandson. After I left he texted me pictures of MORE rocks that they painted and hid around town for people to find!

Crissy R.
Review from a non-artist

For a point of reference, I am not an art student or "artist" and I did not use this paint on canvas. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I used this paint in combination with some white Gesso to paint some 3d prints (PLA and ABS) for finishing. The paints seem to be good quality, they mix well, and the Liquid mixed color is near identical to the final dry color (an issue I have encountered in the past). It took 1 full coat of Gesso and 2 coats of this stuff to finish most of the prints and they look very good and would probably look even better in the hands of an actual artist. Will very likely be ordering more in the future.

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SplashTone 12 Colors Acrylic Paint Set for Canvas, Wood & Ceramic | Rich Pigments for Artist